Wells Fargo Bank Corruption


Jennifer and Kerry Lee were lured into a fraudulent loan modification by Wells Fargo bank and foreclosed by a GHOST “US Bank as a DEFUNCT Trustee for a non-existing REMIC Trust for  CSAB Mortgage-Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series 2006-2. ”

All because Wells Fargo bank needed to start reselling Jennifer Lee’s loan to investors.

And WFB had no documents for Jennifer’s loan.

And it was no “investors” with guidelines” as Wells Fargo bank lied to Jennifer Lee.

And the only first “legit” document” WFB can obtain on Jennifer Lee’s property would be a Foreclosure Deed!

And WFB can also pocket HAMP money provided by the Government.


SEC Cease and Desist Order


It was sent to the CFPB 3 separate times. Along with the FBI, state attorney general, governor, every state senator, Washington attorney general, OCC, and a handful of others. Nothing gets done. The CFPB asked Wells Fargo to explain themselves, they came back and said that I was trying to victimize them. And that they “followed the law and did nothing wrong”. Yeah, cause that’s what they’re known for right!! The CFPB just said OK, and told me that they’d “archive it”. Are you serious!? It’s dead in the water, they won. I lost everything, I mean everything. Even my therapy pet, my parrot Tiki. She couldn’t come to an apartment and I couldn’t afford to board her anymore. So I had to give her up. Thank you asshole bank, thank you Wells Fargo!
Jennifer, It looks like your case is with just a very few exceptions identical to mine. However, I believe I have something very important, something I don’t think you have or had at your disposal but that could be very helpful, in a long run situation. I wont lie though, I am at my own personal Hail Mary pass at this point as a single Mom filing pro se motions because Ive sold all of my investments, items of value 401k & just about everything else in attorney fees. However, in my research I think I may have come up with a VERY UNIQUE Idea. TO DO SOMETHING. I don’t think has EVER been tried before. Now, I may be losing my house in the next month after a Decade of fighting Wells Fargo. BUT, even if that happens which Im praying doesn’t. (I would appreciate prayers from anyone reading this) But I have come across something that may not get our houses back but would allow us to actually fight & WIN a case for enough damages to start over in your case, possibly mine. And to possibly help someone else before they get to where we are. Which is really what this should NOW be about. Yes, We will or may be considered Martyrs in the long run. But Sweetheart the greater good is so much more important then any loss (except death(s) You or I may have to suffer in order to protect & save others from this Horrible, Incedious, Greed, Fraud, & Conspiracy happening with these Bankers & elites. As far as my research goes, I have not seen anyone come up with this idea. Ive seen one part used for one thing, one for another, over different areas of law. But this would be an exceptionally diverse, multifaceted, multi level approach. It will need to include just a few key specific people who we would have to get on board & a few other things to get this underway. However, several of the “TYPES” of people we would need are already considered wildcards in there tactics applicable to other areas. But Freedom and Justive Warriors in there own right. Some with more knowledge in the mortgage fraud area then other areas of the law. But with this approach I think we could easily get them on board. I truly think that you & I, as well as it seems some commenter’s below are STRONG WOMEN! WE ARE WITHOUT EXCEPTION FIGHTERS! Fighters on Principal, fighters on morality, fighters on the simplicity of whats right is right & whats wrong is wrong. And I think this is something WE along with the millions of others effected by this may be able to throw such a monkey wrench in this injustice done upon on us that with pure drive & dedication WE would become the, “TOO BIG TO FAIL” for once. And get a result like Switzerland where every homeowner got their loans forgiven or new homes for value. Now, it does appear that you haven’t responded to the few comments people have left so I dont know if you are answering anymore or will even get this in any timely fashion now being nov 2017. But if you do we must find a way to connect. Email, phone whatever & lets talk about this. If I can get people like yourself on board I think this is VERY Possible. We need educated, experienced, informative people in this fight. We need diversity in our numbers we need those numbers to include people like us that were duped into the “Forberence” scam who were timely just as much as those who were duped in other ways. But especially those of us who were paying, not living beyond our means, following and being dutiful in our practices within the law. So we can get this snowball effect underway & prevent this from happening to others tricked in the various other scams. So we can say look at the numbers of people who WERE holding up their end & what happened to us. Then WTH do you think happened to those who just fell behind a month or 2, or who were tricked into an ARM agreement not fully explained. Anyway I do hope you get this message. IF anyone who finds this & can relate & wants to try & see if We The People can pull this Rabbit out of OUR HAT as AMERICANS , Fighting for AMERICANS post something in reply so we can get in contact and try this new untried (That I know of approach) Lastly lets remember how lucky we still are I know that is awful when weve lost so much, but remember there are many marriages, families, & lives ruined who are still homeless not even able to rent. Get a job, or recover living in shelters, and cars, or even on the street. But there are also many who simply could not take this complete destruction of their lives and killed themselves & or unfortunately others. In that light we are still blessed. So, Let’s use our voices & stop this if we can. I hope you & your husband are OK and this reply finds you well. If so, lets put on our Wonder Woman (Women) armor & get ready to FIGHT! KY Girl USA!
Oh my goodness!!! I was just starting to do my Wells Fargo video (after thinking about doing one for the last two years) – finally got the software to make it happen, and I just ran across your video. The first part of your story is almost IDENTICAL to what happened to me as well! I fought hard for 4 years and lost my house too. I just wanted to let you know that your video is right on point. If I ever get mine done I’ll come back and post a link – maybe we can make a connection on emails or something.
O…M….G…..Please tell me you eventually sent this to the CFPB even after all of that? She (VP) admitted it was their fault? Im in tears FOR YOU! Im not a home owner yet, but I would be devastated by the time I do become one just to have THIS happens. Trust and believe WF doesn’t stop at checking, montage damages. They do the same crap with student loans. Im proof. They are certainly TOO BIG TO FAIL. Loss for words….I will keep up with this story.