Lawyer Urie R. Clark

Urie R. Clark was a Foreclosure Case Manager at Circuit Court of Cook County and  a supporter  for  Wells Fargo bank foreclosures  fraud and  a dark money laundering mill for shady financial organizations, likely  Mafia  cartels under patronage from Chief Judge Evans. Lawyer Urie R. Clark was one of the Chief Evans’ trusted employees  who helped banks to  terrorize litigants.

Urie Clark

Chief Evans and his cronies  tremendously benefit from foreclosure mill   charging banks treble filing fees $918.00 per case. From Dec. 1-Dec 19, 2017 a defunct Trustee Deutsche Bank filed 24  fraudulent foreclosure cases on behalf of non-existing REMIC Trusts which generated  $22.032.00 in profits.

According to  Urie Clark Resume, he worked for Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program, (closed on Dec. 1, 2017) and his job duties were to  assist in easing the Court’s caseload burden by recommending courses of action in matters pending before the court. (Jan 2012 -present time). Currently Clark serves as President-elect for Cook County Bar Association and responsible for Judicial Evaluations and Finances.

In my case Clark (who never introduced himself) twice coordinated judicial and sheriff’s UNFETTERED ABUSES, helping  Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. and Judge Patricia S. Spratt non-stop tyrannical behavior from the bench against me for lawfully objecting void decisions entered in excess of all jurisdiction; and in violation of the law

Urie Clark  has a fatal conflict of interests to be foreclosures coordinator.Between 2001-2005 Urie Clark was a Director of Real Estate for  Chicago Public Schools  system

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Urie Clark left this position in 2005, apparently with a scandal.

urie scandal

Between Jan. 2005-Dec. 2011 Urie Clark  was a solo practitioner who concentrated on Real Estate Acquisitions, Sales and Litigation. According to public records, Urie Clark, who had a real estate broker’s license,  operated a real Estate Company (not registered with the State of Illinois), who sold foreclosures and pre-foreclosures. Sold properties

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He also handled  tax credit financed transactions, including projects with tax-exempt bond financing. Worth to mention, Wells Fargo bank lawyers Mayer Brown LLP who gave millions “donations” to various  judicial elections to operate foreclosure mill in IL Appeal Court, are heavily involved in public finance , including Chicago municipal bonds deals obtained through  connections with certain Chicago politicians.

Urie Clark was one of main supporters and organizers  behind continued, coordinated effort by the Cook County corrupt mafia to deny a litigant’s right to justice through psychological and physical terror in the Courtroom when they try to seek justice against banks’ fraud and a judge’s cronies.

Urie Clark at least twice – on April 26, 2016 and August 23, 2017  “recommended course of action” to  Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. and Judge Patricia S. Spratt who organized an attempt to falsely detain me.

On August 23, 2017 I was unlawfully held against my will in Court Room 2810 by three armed (3) Sheriffs without any probably cause and solely to scare and intimidate me to force to give up on my rights. Urie Clark was present during the entire hearing; at the beginning he was standing at the entrance of Judicial cambers door; and later communicated with sheriffs’, one of whom was invited from the next courtroom. .

On April 26, 2016 Urie Clark  also appeared at the hearing where Judge Senechalle, and invited an extra sheriff, obviously to harass  me.I had to leave earlier due to severe emotional breakdown I suffered while observed Judge Senechalle and Urie Clark’s scary tactics. On March 25, 2016 Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. invited an impersonator Lawyer Michael I. O’Malley to bully me.

Summary of the case: On August 16, 2011 Wells Fargo bank filed a fraudulent foreclosure case based on forged by Bhavdip Chauhan. Wells Fargo Bank robo-signer and impersonator; and based on false statements. This entire case was a fraud and perjury. First, MERS was not a mortgagee for my loan with Fremont; second, REMIC Trust GSAMP 2006FM1 is not existing legal entity; third, Deutsche Bank was not a plaintiff and personally denied its involvement in foreclosures whatsoever.

On February 15, 2013 Judge Jean M. Prendergast Rooney from well-connected bankers, lawyers realtors family, acting without all jurisdiction, accepted forged documents and false statements from Lawyer William B. Kalbac. Aided Wells Fargo bank foreclosures fraud

The complaint with a copy of the Note (but not Assignment) was brought before  Judge Rooney who never questioned the fact that the Note was not endorsed as required; and concealed her personal connections with Wells Fargo bank lawyers Mayer Brown LLP who gave her substantial amount of money for election.

Rooney  blindly signed all Orders requested by FAL. When I contested her decision based on lack of chain of assignments, she advised me that she is not going to change her decisions, despite my glaring evidence of DBNT fraud.

I filed for reconsideration because I found new, stronger evidence to support my statement. I sent this evidence as a whistleblowing letter to all Chancery judges as an alert. Judge Rooney became “concerned” about my whistleblowing activities and abused her judicial power with excessive force. At the hearing on May 23, 2013 she verbally threatened me with sanctions for informing other Judges and  lawful authorities about her wrongdoings. I replied that I will protect my rights under Freedom of Speech and Whistleblowers Act.

Then Judge Rooney hired criminal detective Brian Carr to follow and intimidate me. As the result, I suffered from severe emotional distress and had to file for protection under Whistleblower Protection Act with IL Attorney General and Office of Special Counsel. Judge Rooney had real reasons for concern – her entire family of appraisers/bankers/real estate brokers/attorneys depend on her productivity in the Court.

When I pointed that out, Judge Rooney promptly recused herself and my case was assigned to Judge Senechalle who had family connections with Wells Fargo bank lawyers Mayer Brown LLP.   My case was heard on October 22, 2013, where Judge asked FAL attorney Kalbas to bring a copy of original Note.

The next hearing was set for December 4, 2013, where Kalbas presented a document which looked like an Original Note.  When I pointed that the Assignment was forged and MERS didn’t transfer anything to DBNT, Judge Senechalle joked that MERS is well-known for its “shady practices” and even has the nickname “Murky MERS”.

When I asked for a copy of Kalbas’ Note presented on December 4, 2013, Judge Senechalle said it is not necessary since it is the same as the one I already have. I have reason to believe that my mortgage Note presented by DBNT attorney Kalbas was falsified in the same manner as the Assignment. I also suspect that Judge Senechalle is aware of it. In over a year of proceedings, DBNT attorneys never provided a Note even when I contested DBNT’s legal standing. It would have been logical for DBNT to immediately provide the original Note to the Judge to avoid any further questions.

The Note was produced by Attorney Kalbas only after the Judge inquired for a copy during our October 22, 2013 hearing. Kalbas first replied he “didn’t think” he had the Note but he was given 28 days to produce it. He miraculously did have the Note at our Dec. 4th hearing.

Since DBNT DOES NOT have legal standing in the case, the attorneys decided record forged assignments and premature deeds through its co-conspirators Intercounty Judicial Sales and its President Mr. Schusteff. They are confident that judges will accept their bogus documents with a blind eye. If anything, Cook County Court  Judges cover for attorneys while preventing defendants from seeing the evidence that a case is decided on, which for me are copies of the purported “originals.” In Judge Senechalle’s Courtroom he is even so flippant as to makes jokes about “Murky MERS” practices to mislead defendants and shift blame away from the Plaintiff. The fact that people are losing their homes is an afterthought.

First, I already contested documents attached to complaint on the grounds that they do not have a chain of assignment in accordance with the law. The “originals” looked the same, without any endorsement attached.  Second, how could Honorable Senechalle tell that the documents attorney Kalbas provided are the same after a 1 minute inspection? The documents Kalbas provided looked brand new. Judge Senechalle didn’t even have my complaint opened before him, so he was not able to physically compare both  documents.

I doubt that Judge  Senechalle has a photographic memory of my case’s exhibits in the past, including remembering how the Mortgage and Note attached to my complaint look like, and if they are the same or not.

Third, I found it strange that the judge refused to provide me a copy of such important documents. The documents were the basis for his decision, and he treated them as the “smoking gun” that DBNT owns the original Note. TWICE I asked Judge Senechalle to provide me a copy of the documents presented to the Court. He rejected my request on the ground that they are “the same as you have attached to the complaint”. However, he insisted that Kalbas must put in the Order provision that I was “provided original Note and inspected it in person,” which in reality I did not. I was given the documents for 2 minutes to review, which is not enough time.