Realtor George Arvanitis. Sells Wells Fargo fraudulent foreclosures.

According to realtor Arvanitis, he is a “Director of Luxury Homes and Condos Sales”.


In fact, Realtor George Arvanitis sells fraudulent foreclosures for renown predatory Wells Fargo bank and their subsidiary Premiere Asset Services. Moreover,Arvanitis apparently works for two brokerages – Coldwell Banker (where his broker’s license is held) and City Point Realty with whom Arvanitis  he sells  foreclosures.

It’s a little-known facts that Wells Fargo Bank’s Premiere Asset Services division, which sells bank-owned homes, instructs agents who sell these houses to list the owner as “Owner of Record,” and not Wells Fargo. Premiere Asset Services also sells homes owned by other banks and has numerous online complaints

During last year most properties sold by realtor Arvanitis were foreclosures, including property stolen from me by Wells Fargo bank and their enabling  judges:  Judge Jean M. Prendergast Rooney, Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr., Judge James R. Epstein, Judge Martin P. Moltz, Judge David Ellis, Judge Cynthia Y. Cobbs., Judge Sheldon A. Harris, Judge Patricia S. Spratt. Lawyer William B. Kalbac. Aided Wells Fargo bank foreclosures fraud


Wells Fargo bank is well-known for its predatory foreclosures mill operated on forged documents. Wells Fargo Bank Corruption

Realtor Arvanitis approached me first time on May 9, 2014 when he left an envelope offering me cash for keys for my property. His letter stated that George Arvanitis is a realtor for WFB and the envelope had my name and my property address on it.

note 1

When I emailed realtor Arvanitis and told him that my case is pending in appeal, he immediately lied that this letter was left by his assistant to another unit.

Note may 9 2014

Second time realtor George Arvanitis contacted me on May 9, 2016 when he  emailed me a Notice from Premiere Asset Services dba Wells Fargo Home Mortgage,  a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.


Wells Fargo bank listed as an inactive Illinois Corporation which was consolidated/merged with ???

WFHM - inactive

wf home mg

Wells Fargo has numerous subsidiaries in Illinois, however Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. does not have any other matching listings.


According to Arvaninis’ Notice, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (inactive Illinois  corporation) was doing business as  Premiere Asset  Services, which is an unregistered in Illinois (read:illegal) corporation.


According to Premiere Asset Services, they mislead buyers about the status of the properties they sell telling that his is “owner of records”, not Wells Fargo bank’s foreclosures;  also put houses for sale which are owned by banks other than Wells Fargo. Premiere Asset Services

Thus, Premiere Asset Services MUST have a valid registration with EACH State and valid licenses to do business legally.

The Notice  contained numerous false  information: my wrong mailing address; Arvanitis’ disconnected phone number; and fake  contact information for WFB.


When I called (612) 845-7890, I figured out that  this number belongs to realtor Zachary Adams who never heard about my property and about realtor Arvanitis.


I found real phone number for Arvanitis and called him for explanations and correct contact for his client, WFB.

Arvanitis lied again and said that he “does not know!!” who are his clients and their contact information since he receives all listings from some “website” – which was a blatant lie because later Arvanitis told me that he needs to ask his clients permission to give me their contact information – which of course Arvanitis never did.

Instead he sold my property to a new buyer whom Arvanitis and WFB lied that this property was sold by Deutsche Bank, a defunct “Trustee” for non-existing  REMIC Trust GSAMP 2006FM1 and their “Board of Directors” which this Trust never had.



This Title was prepared by Blake Billings, Wells Fargo bank entry-level Loan Verification Analyst  in Des Moines, Iowa


Mr. Blake Billings is a very handy employee who simultaneously acts as Wells Fargo Bank Vice President of Loan Documentation in Florida property Deeds.

Obviously, Mr. Billings was trained by  senior robo-signers, like Bhavdip Chauhan. Wells Fargo Bank robo-signer and impersonator

billings 2

fl deed

Notary Amanda M. Lind is Wells Fargo bank Notary in Iowa (who notarize Florida documents with her Minnesota Notary Stamp).


Witness China Lem has no public records (at least I didn’t see any); Tonya Amerine who witnessed Florida documents is a Therapist in Iowa.