National Mortgage fraud scandal spreads to the Judiciary

June 11, 2011

Judicial corruption in foreclosures


Posted by Linda_in_MI on 6/12/11 10:37am
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National mortgage fraud scandal spreads to the judiciary.

(Full original article from is posted above, from Choestoe, Georgia court. See also “Foreclosure Court: The Erosion of the Judiciary“)

According to this article, the mortgage fraud mess doesn’t stop or begin with the banks and lenders. It seems a lot more companies/entities/individuals may have been, as the phrase goes, “caught with their hand in the cookie jar”.

“While the U. S. Department of Justice is actively prosecuting mortgage and foreclosure fraud, a national organization that helps homeowners avoid foreclosure has evidence that certain state judges appear to be protecting lawbreakers. Billions of dollars have been received by corporations in the foreclosure industry since the Great Recession began. Are these vast sums of money finding their way to elected state judges and politicians?”

Reply by MW/VA on 6/12/11 12:48pm
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WOW. I don’t think anything would surprise me. There’s so much corruption that I’m sure there were plenty of pay-offs. This kind of thing used to be illegal in this country. Remember the days of graft, etc.

We’ve been sold-out, IMO, and Washington is only a small part of the big picture. Wall Street isn’t concerned with morality, only money.