Lawyer Michael I. O’Malley- corrupt bully-impersonator who wants to be a judge

Michael I. O’Malley is a former CEO for J.P. Morgan Chase who  currently works for Cook County States Attorney office  in its Real Estate Tax Bureau, thus closely connected to IL Speaker Michael Madigan whose law Firm specializes on  reduction   of property taxes to his wealthy friends and pass bills on Illinois taxpayersResponses to our questionnaire

O’Malley’s judicial campaign is backed by one of most corrupt  public officials, Michael Sheahan, former Cook County Sheriff,  who operated Guantanamo-style correctional facilities in Cook County, including forced injections of heavy psychotropic drugs on inmates who complained about his practices; humiliating strip searches on thousands of detainees, severe beating of inmates, ect. The total monetary damages caused by Sheahan’s  practices cost over  $62 million to Cook County taxpayers.



On March 15, 2016 Michael I. O’Malley   lost his judicial election to  Alison C. Conlon.

Now Michael I. O’Malley is running AGAIN for a Judge in 2018 On March 1, 2018 O’Malley was “Not recommended” by The Chicago Bar Association.

not recommended


But O’Malley was “recommended“by  Cook County Bar Association where  Lawyer Urie R. Clark is responsible for judicial evaluations.

O’Malley was found “Qualified” by Hellenic Bar Association whose Board member Elena Gottreich and Katerina Alexopulos are O’Malley’s co-workers.


O’Malley was found “Qualified” by Asian American Bar Association of Chicago whose Board Officers’ President  Jasmine Villaflor Hernandez and Radhika Lohia are O’Malley’s co-workers.


Despite massive support from well-connected friends and co-workers who serve on Boards of various Bar Associations, O’Malley lost 2018 Primary to Kathaleen Lanahan.

lost 2018

O’Malley started his campaign  from making false statements to Illinois  public like he is “willing to hold all of our public officials responsible for their criminal acts, and as a judge I will follow the law and apply it equally to all who appear before me.”

This is not true. Mr. Michael O’Malley is the fist who is willing to act unlawfully when he needs to serve his personal interests  and he has no intention to follow any laws and/or rules of ethics.

On March 25, 2016, or just 10 days after O’Malley lost his judicial election, he appeared at the public hearing at 9:30 AM, or during O’Malley taxpayers-funded work hours, and spent at least 30 minutes sitting in the Court room and impersonating a “criminal prosecutor”  to help Judge Robert E. Senehcalle, Jr.  cover for his obstruction of justice and fraud upon the Court in Wells Fargo bank foreclosure case. Clearly, Michael I. O’Malley was courting a vote from Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. for an Associate Judge, in the most corrupt and unlawful manner.

On December 1, 2017 I submitted a Petition to remove O’Malley from 2018 Judicial race. On December 6th  IL Board of Elections sent me a runaround where they  returned my Petition since it was a “single copy“. This is not true- I mailed two copies -one to Chicago office and one to Springfield. Runaround from IL Board of Elections re O’Malley

On December 8, 2017 I filed an Amended Petition to remove O’Malley. Amended Petition to remove O’Malley Dec 8 2017.

On December 13, 2018 lawyer Kenneth Menzel from IL Board of Elections sent me a second absurd runaround and again returned my Petition.Runaround No. 2 from IL Board of Elections

According to lawyer Menzel,  I mailed him a “single copy“of my Petition to Remove O’Malley from election  – which is a blatant lie. On December 8, 2017 I mailed Menzel TWO copies as required by law. But since the deadline for objections was on December 11, 2017,  Mensel pretended that my Petition had only one copy – to secure a judicial seat for corrupt public officer O’Malley. Which created a reasonable suspicion that O’Malley’s judicial seat is coming with a handsome price tag, which included bribes to IL Election Boards.

Additionally, lawyer Menzel claimed that O’Malley was supported by over 1095 voters, which looks deceptive at the best. According to public records, O’Malley had 8 (eight) supporters – three (3) of whom: Martin, Mary and Thomas O’Malley are obviously O’Malley family members.O’Malley Campaign supporters.

Moreover, legitimacy of O’Malley’s Petitions were challenged by 15 other people. Which is inconsistent with lawyer Menzel statement that O’Malley received a massive support from voters. O’Malley Petition requestors

Details of my experience with  public officer Michael I. O”Malley:

On March 25, 2016, I presented a 1401 Petition before Judge Senechalle in order to vacate the void judgement in case 11-CH-28887 which he entered without jurisdiction and criminally concealed material evidence from case records to defraud me and the Higher Court, which Senechalle definitely succeeded. I also brought a Motion to Compel for an independent investigation in my case.

Judge Senechelle not only refused to follow the law to hear my Petition and Motion, but he also invited lawyer Mr.  O’Malley to impersonate a US Assistant Attorney General, who, according to Senechalle, will file a Petition to threaten me with criminal sanctions. Judge Senechalle’s manipulation of the court against me is unlawful, excessive, uncivilized and scandalous.

Judge Senechalle has always been a key player in committing fraud against me in my case. On January 13, 2016, Senechalle entered a sua sponte verdict where he tried to deceive me that the Court “clearly had subject/matter jurisdiction to enter the judgement of foreclosure.” But he failed to provide any material facts to prove his jurisdiction and avoided responding to any of my allegations on fraud. To note, Section 1401 is specifically designed to provide relief from void post-judgements. Senechalle, by using double standards and acting under the color of the law to deny my Petition, perpetuated fraud upon the Court and abused his power when denying my Constitutional Due Process and Equal Protection rights.

On March 25th, Judge Senechalle found that my 1401 Petition is a “direct violation” of his a December 23, 2013 Order, in respond to my opposition to his December 4, 2013 verdict,  that barred me from filing any future motions or pleadings “in this case”. But bear to repeat, my January 4, 2016 Petition is a NEW case, under the same case number.

Senechalle,  ignored the clear 1401 Petition law that it is not a continuation of a case but must be filed in the same proceeding as the fraudulent case.

Senechalle then proceeded to threaten me with promises to “refer this matter to the Cook County State’s Attorney General for the prosecution against me of indirect criminal contempt proceeding.

Senechalle’s bullying tactic was a classic abuse of power of a corrupt judge. As mentioned, 1401 Petition is not ‘the same” proceeding. Second, the Appeal Court repeatedly held that when a Petition 1401 is filed the opposite party has 30 days to file an answer or response. People v. Vincent, 226 Ill. 2d 1, 18 (2007). Therefore, Senechalle’s January 13, 2016 Order denying my January 4, 2016 Petition was premature and unlawful per se since the Petition was not ripe for adjudication.

During the hearing I did my best to explain to the Judge that I properly filed my Petition under 2-1401 in his Court; that this Petition is a separate proceeding and must be reviewed de novo; that fraud upon the Court can be attacked at any time; that Plaintiff DBNT is fake and has no standing; and that this Court lacks jurisdiction.

Throughout the whole proceeding, I was not, under any circumstances, violating a past Order, bear to repeat, which was procured by fraud. But Judge Senechalle continued to intimidate me, in the rude manner, to make me believe I had done something wrong while ignoring the law in my 1401 Petition

To increase the stress and put me under undue pressure to give up my rights, at the March 25th hearing, Judge Senechalle invited “IL State Assistant Attorney General” Mr. O’Malley to prosecute me for violation of a past void Order.

O’Malley, who was present during the whole hearing, was to proceed with a Petition to hold me in criminal contempt for violations of Senechalle’s orders.

I would potentially be facing jail time if O’Malley saw it necessary.

In addition to O’Malley and his regular staff, Judge Senechalle also invited a courtroom reporter and an extra Sheriff. After discovering that “IL State Assistant Attorney General” O’Malley was a fraud and impersonator, the scene in Senechalle’s courtroom was clearly an orchestrated atmosphere to terrorize me.

After the hearing, I tried to approach “IL State Assistant Attorney General” O’Malley to discuss judge Senechalle’s authoritarian conduct, but he immediately left the Courtroom after the hearing without giving me a chance to speak with him. When I asked DBNT’s lawyer, partner Bryan Hughes, about O’Malley, he also confirmed that O’Malley is in fact from the State Attorney General’s office.

But a quick review of public records revealed that “IL State Assistant Attorney General” O’Malley is an impersonator.

According to his bio, his most recent assignment with Attorney General was with the Civil Actions Bureau, where he represented the Cook County Treasurer, Assessor and the Board of Review in a variety of matters revolving around real estate tax issues.

But Judge Senechalle invited Mr. O’Malley to prosecute me for a criminal contempt.

Cook County Attorney General’s office  has over 900 attorneys and at least three Bureaus which are directly involved in prosecution of criminal cases,(read:almost 400 lawyers).

But it was a civil actions lawyer CPA Mr. Michael I. O’Malley who was chosen by judge Senechalle to appear on March 25, 2016 in his official capacity as an Assistant Attorney General to prosecute me for a criminal contempt, which was clearly an impersonation, fraud and abuse of authority.

There is beyond any reasonable doubt that “IL State Assistant Attorney General” impersonator Michael I.  O’Malley knowingly and maliciously entered into an agreement with Judge Senechalle to scare me from seeking legal remedies against Senechalle’s judicial racketeering.

Since lawyer Bryan Hughes also perpetuated O’Malley as a “IL State Assistant Attorney General” to me, it is reasonable to assume the judge, plaintiffs, and O’Malley all conspired to defraud me.  Their conspiracy was intended to deprive me of my Constitutional rights, cause irreparable damages to my case and me personally, including the threats to place me in jail, and put me under extreme emotional distress.

Moreover, it confirms my suspicions that Senechalle has accepted bribes in my case to decide in favor of Plaintiff DBNT. The latest stunt with O’Malley surely came with a price tag that reinforces secret patronage relationships in the Court, since both O’Malley have undisputable personal interests to help Judge Senechalle to cover for his fraud.

Mr. Michael O’Malley  had more substantial personal  interest to help Senechalle.

When O’Malley lost his election on March 15, 2016, his only way to the bench is to be appointed as an Associate Judge, because generally here are no “second bites” for election losers.

Associate Judges are appointed by recommendations from the fellow judges and often though so-called “Madigan’s List”, like Senechalle’s own appointment. So, if at the hearing on March 25, 2016 was Mr. Michael I. O’Malley, he was obviously courting a vote from judge Senechalle to advance his career in the public office.

Moreover, O’Malley worked several years for JP Morgan Chase, another predatory Servicer, so, O’Malley is well familiar with foreclosures fraud operated in this Court but prefer to cover for it since he has a personal interest to help his past employer.I already expressed my concerns about the status of $2 billion dollars National Settlement money received by Lisa Madigan’s Officce, which most likely were diverted by corrupt public officials who now rely on judicial support to cover for these losses. According to the Consent Judgement, Servicer shall communicate with a representative from State Attorney General and financial regulatory agencies upon a written complaint filed by the borrowerServicer shall include the applicable state attorney general in ALL correspondence with the borrower. I filed many complaints with Wells Fargo and Lisa Madigan office – none of them responded on merits, which supports my suspicion that certain corrupt  judges in your Court, like Senechalle, entered into a criminal conspiracy agreement with certain corrupt public officials, like O’Malley,  to cover for banks fraud and embezzlement of settlement funds.

Under federal law, pretending to be “an officer or employee acting under the authority of the United States” in order to demand or obtain “any money, paper, document, or thing of value” can result in a fine as well as imprisonment for up to three years (18 U.S.C.A. § 912). Under Illinois law (720 ILCS 5/17-2) impersonation is punishable when: (2.5) A person commits a false personation when he or she knowingly and falsely represents himself or herself to be: (A) another actual person and does an act in such assumed character with intent to intimidate, threaten, injure, defraud, or to obtain a benefit from another; or (B) a representative of an actual person or organization and does an act in such false capacity with intent to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud another. O’Malley and Senechelle not only to violated my Due Process rights by falsely threatening me with criminal charges, but they also attempted to defraud me of her property by interfering with her right to a fair hearing.

The impersonation of the Attorney General and the judicial charlatanry Judge Senechalle breeds and fosters in the court is urgent to report. The FBI and US Attorney General must immediately investigate into this matter not only against corrupt Senechalle, but his co-conspirators like Mr. O’Malley and DBNT as well. IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan, whose father Mr. Madigan helped Senechalle to obtain his post in the public office, must take action against the impunity of Judge Senechalle and other corrupt judges in our court system. Impeachment is the first step to removing Senechalle from his post, but I insist a criminal investigation be made into his conduct.

Worth to mention, Judge Senechalle is a public officer paid from the taxpayers funds, and so is Mr. Michael O’Malley. Both receive compensation for providing honest services to the public and refrain from corrupt and criminal activities. As the officers of public trust, both owe me duties to obey the law and protect me against predatory banks unsafe practices.

Judge Senechalle knew or had a reason to know that I did not violate any laws or his Orders when I filed my 1401 Petition. Lawyer[s] O’Malley also must be familiar with the statute.  When judge Senechalle asked Mr. O’Malley to appear as Assistant Attorney General on March 25th , and help to extort my property in favor of Wells Fargo bank, both committed disorderly conduct,  subject to 720 ILCS 5/26-1(a)(1)[1] (4) (5) and  720 ILCS 5/17-13(b)[2], which is a Class 4 Felony.

Mr. O’Malley attendance of the public hearing, where he is not a party, was during his regular work hours, but NOT a part of his job duties. If Mr. Matthew O’Malley time is paid by a private employer; Mr. Michael I. O’Malley receives his paycheck from public funds. Therefore, Judge Senechalle and Mr. Michael O’Malley misused public funds for their personal advantages. It must not be tolerated in a democratic civilized society.

I am not the one who questioned O’Malley’s fitness to be a judge. Here is a large number of people who asked for O’Malley’s Petitions.




[1] (a) A person commits disorderly conduct when he or she knowingly (1) does any act in such unreasonable manner to alarm or disturb another (4) Transmits or causes to be transmitted in any manner to any public officer or public employee a report to the effect that an offense will be committed, is being committed, or has been committed, knowing at the time of the transmission that there is no reasonable ground for believing that the offense will be committed, is being committed, or has been committed(5) Transmits or causes to be transmitted a false report to any public safety agency without the reasonable grounds necessary to believe that transmitting the report is necessary for the safety and welfare of the public.

[2] (b) Acknowledgment of fraudulent conveyance. No officer authorized to take the proof and acknowledgment of a conveyance of real or personal property or other instrument shall knowingly certify that the conveyance or other instrument was duly proven or acknowledged by a party to the conveyance or other instrument when no such acknowledgment or proof was made, or was not made at the time it was certified to have been made, with intent to injure or defraud or to enable any other person to injure or defraud.