Lawyer William B. Kalbac. Aided Wells Fargo bank foreclosures fraud

Lawyer William B. Kalbac is a predatory lawyer who handled  thousands of fraudulent foreclosures on behalf of Wells Fargo Bank Bribes Judges.

Currently Associate William B. Kalbac is employed by Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, Ltd. in  Firm’s intellectual property team whom Kalbac likely provided  provided  misleading information about his professional background  to obtain employment.


According to Kalbac, prior to joining Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, Ltd. he  worked at a “number of other litigation firms that handled a variety of civil matters

In fact, “a variety of civil matters” handled by Mr. Kalbac was  participation in the organized crime aka fraudulent foreclosures mill based on forged documents and false statement operated by his previous employers, Pierce &Associates and Freeman Anselmo Lindberg LLC, “FAL” commonly known as “racket” as well as aiding and abetting securities fraud and dark money laundering through our Court system for shady financial institutions.

I have personal experience with William Kalbac dishonesty and lack of professional integrity and personal morale.

I first met Mr. Kalbac on or about January 6, 2013 when I appeared before Judge Jean M. Prendergast Rooney to present her my Petition to vacate void judgement in case  where Rooney ruled in excess of all jurisdiction.

I filed by Petition on December 28, 2012 and mailed and faxed it to FAL. But when Kalbac appeared before Judge Rooney he said that he did not see my Petition – which was either a false statement or negligence or both because he came to the confirmation hearing unprepared.

Rooney gave Kalbac my Petition which he briefly reviewed and told to judge that I was talking about “general foreclosures mess in our Country” – which was not true because my Petition headline clearly stated “fraud” – and provided supporting evidence why my case is fraudulent  (after the hearing Kalbac sarcastically wished me “good luck” vacating the judgement which supports my suspicion  about Wells Fargo bank’s  undue influence on judges).

Rooney moved the hearing to February 15, 2013 and ordered Kalbac to file an Answer – which he failed to do. It indicates that William Kalbac has no respect to the Court and does not follow Court Orders. Yet, Judge Rooney ruled in favor of Wells Fargo bank (details on my website, link below)

I asked for rehearing. At this time National Mortgage Settlement was enforced and, despite Mr. Kalbac desire to argue my case right away (without providing me material evidence as demanded, of course),  – judge Rooney moved the next hearing to May 23, 2013, where she resigned herself.

My case was transferred to another Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. and the next hearing was set on or about August 23rd.

Despite my case was still pending in the lower Court, lawyer Kalbac recorded unlawful Deed on my property to aid and abet  Wells Fargo bank’s  sales of  illegal US Securities on overseas markets (I have reason to believe that my loan was sold on Dublin Exchange on August 13&14, 2013 since it was a part of Invitation to Bid.

Wells Fargo Securities fraud Aug 2013

Judge Senechalle was not present on August 23rd and my case was moved to October 22, 2013 where Senechalle for the first time asked William Kalbac if he has original documents for my loan.

Kalbac replied that I believe my client has it”. So, during TWO previous years Kalbac never asked his client about original documents, even after The Settlement was entered. Because his client never had them.

I many times contacted WFB’s America’s Servicing Company  –  they had no idea about this foreclosure.

In respond to my demands for documents and explanations, ASC sent me endless run-around letters from different employees with misleading and inconsistent statements. They stated that my  property was (1) “forwarded to outside counselor on August 21, 2008” (April 25, 2013 ASC employee Ramona Weber); (2) “foreclosure [case 11-CH-28887]  was filed on August 21, 2008(May 3, 2013 ASC employee Chris Ryan); (3) “property was sold at the scheduled foreclosure sale on March 19, 2008” (June 5, 2013 Wells Fargo employee Gary Lingren); (4) Can you confirm the foreclosure action is valid?”(March 3, 2014 ASC employee Chelsea Weatherman).

 Judge Senechalle ordered Kalbac to bring original documents for December 4, 2013 hearing.

On or about November 22, 2013 I emailed Kalbac and demanded copies of all documents which he will bring to the hearing, so I can review it. Kalbac ignored my request and never replied.

On December 4, 2013 Kalbac brought brand-new looking documents which he presented as “originals”. It was not true because these documents were not even stapled (copies of documents attached to the complaint had staples marks on it). Moreover, documents brought by Kalbac were substantially different that those in the Complaint and had absolutely no chain of assignment, even a robo-stamped page with a large cross below it.

Judge Senechalle did not even bother to open my complaint to compare the lawyers’ Note with mine. I repeated my request two more times, and again stated that DBNT is a non-exist plaintiff. But Senechelle ignored, as he was too busy cracking jokes about “Merky MERS” practices as a plaintiff. (MERS has absolutely no relation to my foreclosure, except violations of Cease and Desist Order of April 13, 2011 and negligent supervision of Wells Fargo employees).

Although this Note was a key evidence at the hearing in my case, the Mortgage Note and Assignment brought by lawyer Kalbas that day were never filed with the Court nor provided for my records, which supports my conclusion that the Note was forged by Wells Fargo

Neither  William Kalbac or Judge Senechalle, whose entire family is heavily involved in financial and real estate business and closely connected to WFB lawyers from Mayer Brown LLP, and lawyer Kalbac  never provided me copies of the documents and criminally concealed  them from my case records to deceive Higher Courts, which they  definitely succeeded.

I brought my case to Appeal Court, but the Appeal Court Justices never obtained a copy of these purportedly original Mortgage, Note and Assignment. They were unable to evaluate these documents’ validity since the lawyer and the judge in my case intentionally excluded them from Court records. Appeal Court Justices Judge James R. Epstein, Howse and Judge David Ellis made their adverse decision based on incomplete case files, so it was of little surprise that their response was erroneous and void. The Justices claimed that “Plaintiff also attached an adjustable rate promissory Note, which provided that the lender was Fremont and endorsed by Michael Koch, Fremont Vice President, to “pay in order of ** without recourse” and “thereafter, Fremont transferred the loan to plaintiff as indicated by notation **” Deutsche Bank N.t. as Trustee for Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006-1.”


But the Trust on behalf of which foreclosure was filed is GSAMP 2006-FM1, not Fremont 2006-1, and the Note attached to Complaint has none of the notations observed by the Justices.


Shortly where after lawyer Kalbac left FAL and accepted employment at Pierce &Associates, another fraudulent foreclosures mill law Firm who was recently sued by a BANK for filing bogus foreclosures. Case 16-cv-02522, Webster Bank v. Pierce and Associates. According to Law360 “Shoddy legal representation by Chicago-based Pierce & Associates PC cost Webster Bank NA hundreds of thousands of dollars in botched mortgage foreclosure actions, according to a lawsuit filed against the firm in Illinois federal court on Tuesday”  Pierce is accused of failing to show up for court hearings and failing to following basic legal procedures.

This case does not surprised me at all since Pierce hired lawyers like William Kalbac who failed to follow all basic procedures and all rules or professional integrity and personal morale.

In sum, lawyer Kalbac actual legal experience was as predatory foreclosures mill lawyer who swamped our Court with forged documents and repeatedly made false statements to the Court to steal people’s properties. In other words, engaged in obstruction of justice; perjury; forgery and racket.