Lawyer Nyshana K. Sumner

A campaign website has been found for 2nd Subcircuit a well-connected judicial candidate Nyshana K. Sumner who in 2014 lost her judicial election but currently running again for a judge.



According to her website, Sumner, an Assistant State’s attorney, is the daughter of retired Judge Thomas R. Sumner, who was serving as a judge between 1988-2008 even though he  twice lost his judicial elections in 1992& 1994

thomas r lost

But he  found his way to the bench though appointment as an Associate Judge on June 2, 1995. Thomas R. Sumner, GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER

His well-connected daughter  has been licensed to practice law in Illinois since 2004.

Until at least August 2017 was Thomas R. Sumner a President at Cook County Bar Association  19 S. LaSalle Street Suite 702, Chicago, Illinois, United States (312) 630-1157.

Where  his daughter Nyshana is a member of Executive Committee; Continuing Legal Education; Education and Information committee. In other words, well connected.

Cook County Bar Association Lawyer Urie R. Clark is responsible for Judicial Evaluations.

Thomas R. Sumner was also a Program Coordinator – Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism and affiliated with:

Member of the Board of Managers  – The Chicago Bar Association

Volunteer Instructor and Judge  – John Marshall

Treasurer  – Illinois Judicial Council Foundation

Or Member  – Illinois State Bar Association

Or Member  – American Bar Association

Or Member  – National Bar Association

Or Member  – National Association of Securities Professionals

Or Member  – Illinois Judges Association

Or Member  – Illinois Judicial Council Foundation

Or Member  – American Trial Lawyers Association