Law Firm Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit, P.C.

Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit, P.C (“KSN”)is a predatory law Firm which operates a huge collection mill on behalf of certain Homeowners Associations and their management Companies, like Chicagoland Community Management, Inc.

KSN are known as “racketeers” even among Illinois lawyers; and terrorize the most vulnerable citizens, specially elderly people, with  bogus collections of fabricated debt.

The usual case scenario: KSN, HOA Board and the management company pick on certain homeowners and repeatedly fine then with non-existing fees and fines until their prey defaults.

When KSN  bring repetitive  legal actions (including fraudulent litigation  based on false statements while extorted through the Court units are in possession of HOA and gainfully rented)  until their prey fail on their mortgage payments and go into foreclosures.

When a lender file foreclosure case, KSN, HOA Boards and their management Companies appear in a foreclosure case and claim non-existing 6 months of “back dues” – once again, while units are gainfully rented.