Judicial and political Corruption in DuPage County Illinois

Saturday, June 17, 2006

DuPage County Politics and Corruption

The 18th Judicial Circuit Court of DuPage County, Wheaton, Illinois is a total mockery of the Justice System. Under the “leadership” of Joseph E. Birkett, the State’s Attorney, has seen racisim at an all time new high. His conduct toward Black, Hispanic, Asian Defendants charged with any crime in DuPage County is despicable.

His Assistant State’s Attorneys on a regular basis refer to “non-white” defendants with racial slurs. How do I know this? I am a regular court watcher in the Civil and Criminal Court Buildings in DuPage County.
If you are white and do not live in a $500,000 or higher priced residence, you are considered a throw-away in DuPage County, and will be sentenced to the Illinois Department of Corrections. The State of Illinois receives approximately $32,000.00 per each person they send to the IDOC.

Under the Birkett regime, the taxpayers of DuPage County have had to pay out multi-million dollar judgments for misconduct, actively framing defendants, having law enforcement officers present distortions, lies and active perjury to the “Grand Jury” in order to secure an indictment against an unwitting defendant. Any defendant in DuPage County will more than likely face a felony charge, and the majority of the so-callled “defense lawyers” located in DuPage County are members of the “good old boys network“. It is a known fact that people charged with a “crime” disappear after posting bond. They know they will not get a fair trial.

An example of “a fair trial” in DuPage County is The Jeanne Nicarico rape/murder trial.

Three innocent defendants were convicted and sentenced to death for a crime they did not commit, and almost lost their life because of the corruption of the State’s Attorney’s Office, the DuPage County Sheriff (Zaruba) and other “honest/trusting” police officers that willingly took the witness stand and committed acts of perjury against three Hispanic defendants.
Joe Birkett took up the baton when it was passed to him by his predecesor, Jim Ryan. The taxpayers of DuPage County had to pay out a judgment/settlement to the three defendants in the sum of $3.5 million dollars.

Joseph E. Birkett for Lt. Gov.? I THINK NOT!