Judge Thomas E. Hoffman

Thomas E. Hoffman is a judge on the First District Appellate Court in Illinois. He was appointed to the Cook County Circuit Court in 1984 as an associate judge. He was elected a circuit judge of this court in 1988 and served in this position until he was assigned to the appellate court in 1993,  which is a position normally for well connected lawyers who for do not qualify for regular elections. Hoffman was purportedly officially elected to the bench in 1988. I was not able to locate his official election records, which also suggests his rise to power may have been under disreputable circumstances.

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Justice Thomas E. Hoffman is a protégé of powerful IL politician, Mr. Edward Burke, and possibly his long time crony.  He obtained his judicial seat through connections with Ald. Edward Burke his wife, Justice Anne Burke, and Speaker Michael Madigan.

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Thomas E. Hoffman is a former Chicago police officer (his friend, Ald. Ed Burke, whose father Joseph was a police officer,  also started his career as a police officer). Hoffman graduated from John Marshall Law School, worked assistant corporation counsel for the city of Chicago from 1971 to 1976. Burke, who left his police job,  was first elected to the Chicago City Council in 1969, or just two years before Justice Hoffman joined City of Chicago as assistant corporation counsel in 1971. Hoffman  was retained by cronies in 2004. He was retained again on November 4, 2014. His term expires December 1, 2024.

Justice Thomas E. Hoffman is engaged in a long-time scheme of cronyism not only with Alderman Edward Burke and his wife, IL Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, but with his former classmate, a well-connected lawyer, now  Judge Daniel J. Pierce, who is publicly known as an “extremely well-known and connected [lawyer] within Chicago.”  For several years, Daniel J. Pierce served as Commissioner of the IL Supreme Court Committee on Character and Fitness and the Chairman of Chicago Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Committee, who repeatedly gave Justice Thomas E. Hoffman positive ratings despite his adverse public record.  Then in 2008 Daniel J. Pierce was assigned to the Cook County Court where he served in the Chancery and Law Divisions.In 2010 Judge Pierce was a solo candidate for 14th Subcircuit, which is located in 14th Ward where Mr. Edward Burke is the Alderman. In 2013, Judge Daniel J. Pierce was quietly transferred to IL Supreme Court due to “public necessity” despite the fact that Appeal Court seats are highly competitive positions and here is absolutely no shortage of applications from qualified judges and lawyers.

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I have all reasons to believe that Judge Daniel J. Pierce rise to Appeal Court was influenced by Justice Hoffman and his cronies Mr. Edward Burke his wife Justice Anne Burke, who also helped Justice Hoffman’s wife to become a judge.

Margarita Kulys Hoffman, is a Cook County circuit judge for 13th Subcircuit (Madigan’s Ward).   Judge Kulys Hoffman was  assigned to her position in 2006 to the post by the Illinois Supreme Court and, in September, purportedly elected as an Associate Judge of the Cook County Circuit Court. Worth to mention, Associate Judges are NOT elected, they are assigned. On August 18, 2008 Kules-Hoffman was included into famous Madigan’s List , which definitely helped Kulys-Hoffman with “election”


Thomas E. Hoffman is enabler for Big Banks fraud upon the Court, specially Wells Fargo Bank Corruption;Due to Justice Hoffman’s highly adverse public record I have reasonable suspicion that Justice Hoffman was fixing my Appeal case  in favor of Wells Fargo Bank and their well-connected lawyers from Mayer Brown LLP.  They are publicly known for generous donations to many judges and politicians and will not be shy about funding judges who make decisions in their favor, even when those decisions have no legal bearing.

Justice Hoffman is a zealous advocate for corrupt judges. In 2016, Justice Thomas E. Hoffman  advocated to uphold past decisions entered by other corrupt judges, like already mentioned Judge Maloney. Id. Justice Hoffman readily trespass and disregard all applicable laws and Due Process rights of the Defendants in Case People v. Gacho, 2016 IL App (1st) 133492 when he delivered  their  Opinion on April 29, 2016, or in less than 4 months after this case was filed in 2016.

His  decision in Gacho supports my argument that Justice Hoffman  zealously advocated for corrupt Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. and Judge Jean M. Prendergast Rooney void orders entered in my  case, in the same manner as he supported corrupt Judge Maloney’s order

Corrupt judge not enough for new trial

In 1998, Eugene Alpern accused Hoffman of judicial misconduct. Identifying himself as the director of Citizens for Legal Responsibility, Alpern filed a complaint with the Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board on July 17 requesting an investigation into Hoffman’s alleged misdeeds. In the complaint, Alpern accused Hoffman of “willful misconduct in office, persistent failure to perform his duties, and other conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice and that brings both his judicial office and the entire Illinois judiciary into public disrepute.”[7]

In 2007, Justice Hoffman was sued for violating US citizens’ constitutional and civil rights in case 07-CV-3289, Shaw Suburban Media Group, Inc. v. Justice Hoffman, et.al

2007 case

In 2011, Justice Thomas E. Hoffman was sued for fraud and contempt in the Court: Case 11-CV-6887, Lawrence v. State Judges, et.al

2011 case

I have personal and very negative experience with Judge Thomas E. Hoffman.

In my case Judge Hoffman shown willingness to trespass the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments rights of a U.S. citizen when he  enforced VOID Orders entered by Judges Rooney and Senechalle who acted without jurisdiction and rules in favor of Deutsche Bank who lack standing to sue ; and who committed fraud upon the Court.

In addition, the Justice Hoffman  had exercised wanton misconduct from the bench, failed to perform his professional duties, brought the Illinois judiciary into disrepute through prejudicial conduct, engaged in unlawful and criminal acts, violated Federal Law, Illinois Code of Civil Procedures and IL Supreme Court Local Rules, including but not limited to 735 ILCS 5/2-403; 5/1-109; 5/2-605; 5/2-615;735 ILCS 5/15-1508; 5/2-1203; 810 ILCS 5/3-308; Rule 113; Rule 191; 18 USC §4; 18 USC §242; 18 USC §§1961-68 (RICO Act); §18 USC 1951 (Hobbs Act);  42 USC 1983, 1985, 1986 and other laws; and committed Theft of Honest Services under 18 U.S.C. 1346.

Moreover, Judge’ backgrounds shows his permanent inability to respect and obey US Constitution; act ethically and in accordance with the law, his moral bankruptcy, and his  role in the local courts staggering corruption. For these reasons, I  filed a  Petition for Justice Thomas E. Hoffman to be replaced in my  case.  My Petition was denied by Judge Thomas E. Hoffman.

Thomas E. Hoffman refused to act impartially and lawfully when he instantly denied my Motion to Stay Sale of my illegally confiscated property by Wells Fargo Bank, who is acting under the guise of Deutsche Bank, despite the fact that the Bank lacks standing and committed judicial fraud upon the Court.

Hoffman also ignored the lower Court’s lack of jurisdiction and S.Ct. R. 305 in the case. Furthermore, Judge Hoffman ever gave me fair hearing or review, denying my cause immediately after I filed my Motions. Thomas E. Hoffman has not respected the law. His  preferred modus operandi is to rule by the rule of man/woman rather than the rule of law. Under Supreme Law of the Land, whenever a judge acts when the judge does not have subject-matter jurisdiction, the judge is engaged in an act of treason. U.S. v. Will, 449 US 200, 216, 101 S. ct. 471, 66 L. Ed. 2d 392, 406 (1980); Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. (6 Wheat) 264, 404, 5 L. Ed. 257 (1821). A 1997 Appellate Court decision in People v. Lambert stated that a judge’s “failure to enforce the law invites anarchy.”

I suggests that the failure of Justice Thomas E. Hoffman to follow the law and the public policy of the States of Illinois invites anarchy. By enforcing these past fraudulent void Orders, Justice Thomas E. Hoffman committed treason against the court. Since subject-matter jurisdiction was never lawfully conferred upon the Court, Justice Thomas E. Hoffman had absolutely no lawful authority to enforce void Orders entered by Judges Jean Prendergast Rooney and Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. both of whom have extensive public record of corruption and cronyism. Moreover, Judge Rooney, a protégé and crony to IL Supreme Court Justice Theis, received a substantial amount of money from Wells Fargo bank to get elected. This material fact was not disclosed to me.

I believes that Justice Thomas E. Hoffman also may have potential conflict of interests with Wells Fargo Bank’s lawyers Mayer Brown LLP, specially Justice Hoffman who refused to disclose his election donors.

I further claims that Justice Thomas E. Hoffman not only failed in meeting his  judicial duties but are actively causing harm from the bench by aiding and abetting corruption to support their personal parties of interest. Rule 63(B)(3)(Canon 3) states: “A judge having knowledge of a violation of these canons on the part of a judge or a violation of Rule 8.4 of the rules of Professional Conduct on the part of the lawyer shall take or initiate appropriate disciplinary measures.”

Justice Hoffman does not discipline lawyers who systematically violate all applicable laws in their Court but instead decide in their favor as quickly as possible, without following standard court procedures.

In my  case, Justice Hoffman ignored evidence that clearly details that Wells Fargo Bank operates a sophisticated money-laundering mill in Courts by filing hundreds of thousands of illegal foreclosures based on forged documents like they have in my foreclosure.

Only due to judicial protection do well-known predatory banks like Wells Fargo and their lawyers Mayer Brown LLP succeed in the Court in violations of all Government Orders, applicable laws and Nat’l Mortgage Settlement.

Along with the judge’ trespasses of their professional duties,I learned that Justice Thomas E. Hoffman obtained his  positions of power in unethical manner, with support from well-connected family members and/or powerful friends, not through hard-earned public trust. His  judicial integrity and professionalism is regularly criticized. He is  known as zealous supporters for other corrupt judges’ decisions and systematic violations of Constitutional and statutory rights of US citizens and has an ample public records of corruption.

On September 12, 2016, I filed a Motion to Reconsider Justice Rochford’s Order Denying my Motion to Stay Sale of my  property due to Rochford’s trespasses of the law and personal conflict of interests with the Judge who entered the original order, Jean Prendergast Rooney. The same day Justice Thomas E. Hoffman denied my  Motion within hours of the Motion’s filing, without any explanations and despite my  request for an Oral Argument.

A quick background check revealed that Justice Thomas E. Hoffman has a long public record of corruption and judicial misconduct,as  is stated above.