Judge Sheldon A. Harris

Illinois Appeal Court Justice Sheldon (Shelly) A. Harris did not earn his position of public Trust but obtained it through personal connections and very substantial donations to IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan and other patrons.

Review of Judge Harris election funds suggests that he paid for his judicial seat about $1,000,000.00 and laundered these money through his election funds.


In 2000 Shelly Harris was appointed to judicial position by IL Supreme Court.  Harris’ family donated about $50,000.00 to Lisa Madigan’s campaign and Mr. Madigan sent his political aids to help Sheldon A. Harris with election. This precedent was widely discussed in public media but Harris denied laundering by his sons $50,000.00 in election cash.





Madigan helps judge

Judge defends 2 sons

FBI visits judge

Doing laundry for the Madigans


Despite losing 2002 election, Harris was able to keep his judicial seat, thanks to IL Supreme Court unexplained courtesy.


In 2012 Harris was even assigned to a Presiding Judge Position in Second Division.

In 2014 Harris ran for election as “Shelly A. Harris”. Not because he wanted to deceive Illinois voters and quietly launder $1,000.000.00 but probably because  either his parents didn’t like him or his name is Sheldon and he’s never gotten past the childhood nickname.

In his 30 sec political  ad Harris  bragged that he “stopped felons from owning guns”.  Despite Judge Shelly Harris heroic efforts to disarm felons, the level of violent crimes in Chicago  between 2014 to 2017 dramatically increased.Perhaps due rampant judicial corruption in our State.



Shelly and his wife Jane “loaned” to Harris about $990,057.00 to support his election and obtain a $199,000.00 per year judicial seat, which looks absurd and suspicious  per se. Worth to mention, Jane Harris, who loaned her husband $400,000.00 is a housemaker.


It would take about 7 years of his 10 years term for Shelly Harris to repay his loan and recover his money, presuming he will not spend any funds on anything else and his wife will fully support their household. But bear to repeat,  Jane Harris is a homemaker and her income apparently is coming from husband’s earnings.  But she was able to chip $400,000.00 to her husband campaign, worth  2 years of his gross income.

Jane Harris Loan

Obviously, Sheldon Harris must expect and rely on some other source of income to provide for his family during this time.

Like handsome “donations” from Big Banks and corporations for favorable verdicts, which supports my suspicion that Wells Fargo bank bribes  Illinois judges.

One of Harris’ main election campaign expenses were two payments to SP Media Group in the amount of $690,000.00. According to public records, SP Media Group (aka Snyder Pickerill Media Group LLC) is a small media company established in 2010 whose revenue according to public records is ranging between $55,000 to $77,035.00 per year.





Nonetheless, in between 2012-2016 Snyder Pickerill Media Group LLC received  over $12 MILLION in revenue offering some media services to Democratic Candidates.


SPMedia Group clients

I personally never saw any advertisements or promotions for Shelly Harris for Judge in 2014, similarly to other candidates, like Democrat Gary Forby who in 2016 paid $2,186,876.71 to Snyder Pickerill Media Group LLC.


As of Judge Harris’ advertisements, I only found two short movies on youtube.com, one 10 min 12 sec. interview which was prepared by sunnyhtv and viewed by 194 people.

Another 30 sec. commercial was apparently published by Harris campaign committee and viewed by 225 people.

I was not able to find any other promotional materials which would worth almost $1,000,000.00 spent by Justice Harris on his political ads.

Moreover it appears that Shelly Harris was not interested to attract  public attention to his campaign at all, specially after FBI investigated his sons $50,000.00 “donation”.

$400,000.00 “loan” from a housemaker wife Jane looks even more questionable.

My relationship to Justice Harris is based on his decision in my Appeal Court case 16-1350 which he dismissed in the most corrupt manner. According to Justice Harris, he had no jurisdiction due to my “untimely filed Notice” (which was filed 20 days after the final order in my Petition 1401(f). Worth to mention, my Petition was unlawfully and  instantly denied by Mr. Madigan’s crony Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr who obtained his judicial seat through Mr. Madigan’s List after his son, Pete Senechalle served Mr. Madigan as his political aid. Judge Senechalle criminally concealed material evidence from case records, so it was never seen by Appeal Court Justice Harris, yet he ruled in favor of Wells Fargo.


Judicial corruption in Illinois Court system is absolutely unbearable and contributed to a skyrocketing level of crimes in our State.