Judge Robert J. Kowalski

Judge Robert J. Kowalski obtained his seat in corrupt manner,  through his family connections.His father, well-connected Judge Walter J. Kowalski, was the longest-serving judge on the Cook County Circuit Court who died in 2001.

Robert E. Kowalski was first elected for the bench in1994 as a Judge in Cook County Court, Illinoiskow

In 2000 and 2006 he again won elections despite high critiques. In 2006 Ten bar associations on Thursday urged voters to expel Cook County Judge Robert J. Kowalski from the bench in this fall’s elections, with one of the groups alleging that the judge has made offensive remarks in court. Bar gives one judge thumbs down rating

In 2007 Kowalski  surprisingly retired  and his  seat was assigned to Judge James E. Snyder. Snyder was qualified for Judge Kowalski “vacancy” in 2004 (!!!) while here was no Kowalski vacancy whatsoever.Worth to mention, Kowalski’s remaining 5 years of judicial term (2007-2012) could worth as much as $1,000,000.00 or about $200K per year in judicial pay and benefits.

Judge Kowalski appeared on a number of youtube videos for harassing Hispanics.

Now his seat is taken by a successor bully Judge James E. Snyder who harass African- American lawyers from the bench; terrorize ProSe litigants and fix cases in favor of his parties of interests – well-connected lawyers backed by insurance companies.