Judge Robert Gibson (DuPage County IL)

DuPage County Judge Robert Gibson will remain on the bench after all.

Gibson, a well-connected appointed circuit judge who lost a primary bid to run for the seat in March, has been named associate judge in the 18th Judicial Circuit, thanks to numerous well-connected friends, including  but not limited to President of the Illinois State Bar Association James F. McCluskey, who was Gibson’s Election Campaign Chairman; and DuPage Bar Association President lawyer Gerald A. Cassiopi, also a Chairman for Gibson’s Campaign. Both are very successful lawyers who regularly appear in Chancery Division of DuPage County Court.


Cassioppi provides businesses with legal counsel on various topics, such as commercial contracts, executive compensation, employee contracts and real estate. He has worked with businesses ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Cassioppi is currently the chairman of the DuPage County Ethics Commission and has served as general counsel to the DCBA.

McCluskey concentrates his practice in commercial, probate, shareholder’s disputes and real estate litigation.

No surprise that with such a massive support from top supervising/rating Presidents who also rack millions for their clients in the Court,  Robert Gibson was able to obtain an assignment as a Judge despite his election failure.

Robert Gibson collected substantial amounts of money from lawyers, bankers and corporations, including predatory foreclosures lawyers Codillis &Associates ($2,500) and Freedman Anselmo Lindberg (now Anselmo Lindberg &Associates) ($1,200) who regularly appear in Judge Gibson’s Court where they file fraudulent foreclosures based on forged documents – favorably decided by Gibson who prefer not disclose his connections with banks’ lawyers to their crime victims.

Based on certain case facts, Judge Robert Gibson helps Wells Fargo bank and Codillis &Associates to launder illegal US securities. See US Bank v. Lopez, Case 14-CH-473.

Chancery Judge Gibson took money from foreclosure lawyers


Case US v. Lopez was filed by Codillis &Associates; and it  is a classic text-book example  foreclosure scam which  arose from a mortgage  purportedly assigned  an  original lender to a non-existing since at least  2009  Countrywide Bank who was purchased by BOA. Somehow non-existing Countrywide managed to assign its interest to HUD, who is not a party of this case. The Note contained no endorsements or assignments to the Plaintiff, US Bank (and can’t have it since the lender does not exist, as well as the assignee/assignor Countrywide).


HUD later assigned its “interest” obtained from a non-existing Countrywide to Queen’s Park Oval Asset Holding, which was purportedly formed on April 29, 2013 and according to public comments is a fake Trust which only exists on paper and already caused chaos by filing bogus foreclosures.

In their Amended Complaint Codillis filed  a Ta-Da Allonge which appeared after this case was filed in 2014.



The Allonge was not dated;  and was prepared by The Secretary of HUD, Vice President Kelli J. Airis.

The same person, Vice President Kelli J. Airis,  executed endorsements for Wells Fargo and Franklin Credit Management in 2016 in case Bayview Servicing v. Rutledge, PA, Case 609EDA 2016.


So, the real party behind Lopez case is most likely  criminal Wells Fargo bank who as of TODAY operates a fraudulent foreclosures mill based on forged documents – and get favorable verdicts from certain corrupt judges.  Everybody know that Trustees do not file foreclosures, it is done by Servicers, and most likely the Servicer for a fake Trust Queen Park is Wells Fargo, who operates a massive money laundering mill in US Court system for illegal US Securities (aka fake REMIC Trusts) which Wells Fargo bank sells to some shady investors.

Lopez case was decided by Judge Robert Gibson, a Republican who in 2012 LOST his judicial election and was APPOINTED by IL Supreme Court.  All Republican lawyers who ever tried to be judges know that its nearly impossible to get slotted for a judicial position, not say to be assigned to it.  If you see a REPUBLICAN Judge APPOINTED to a judicial seat, it is a first sign that this judge is highly corrupt.

On February 24, 2012 Judge Robert Gibson received $2,500.00 from ….Codillis &Associates, who filed fraudulent case US Bank v. Lopez; AND on $1,200.00 from Freedman Anselmo Lindberg, LLC,  which automatically disqualify him from being a foreclosure judge due to his conflict of interests.

He also got  $5,000.00 from Michael Donohue, a DEMOCRAT and Du Page County* Board Chairman.

Another large donor was RBC Capital Market Sr. VP John Aymond who gave Judge Gibson $5,300.00 on February 28 2012. RBC Capital Markets is a premier global investment bank providing expertise in banking, finance and capital markets to corporations, institutional investors, asset managers and governments around the world. This is ANOTHER conflict of interests for Gibson to be a foreclosure judge, but Judicial Ethics do not exist in IL Court system; as well as the law.

Momcus McCluskey LLC donated  to Judge Gibson $4,500.00; and Mr. James McCluskey was his election campaign Chair. Mr. McCluskey is the President Elect of the Illinois State Bar Association. Over the years, he has been the 18th Judicial Circuit Board of Governor for the Illinois State Bar Association. President, Treasurer, General Counsel, Associate General Counsel and Chair of the Civil Practice, Tax and Professional Responsibility committees for the DuPage County Bar Association. In other words, he knows all back doors  how to place his cronies on judicial seats.

His other donors were a cohort of well-connected lawyers, including those who practice real estate law;  and public officials, including  former Federal Judge Susan Getzendanner.  Obviously, with such a massive backup from FORECLOSURES lawyers and well-connected politicians FORECLOSURE Judge Gibson can fix any fraudulent cases, with total impunity.

Justice Michael Burke is also a notable Judge. He is a REPUBLICAN who was ASSIGNED in 2008 to APPEAL Court, which is highly unusual in heavily dominated by DEMOCRATS IL Court system. Just his fact alone tells that Justice Burke is a well-connected  Judge.  Besides his own donation of $50,000 into his judicial campaign, he also received $5,000.00 from a well-connected Judge Brian Diamond (his Campaign Treasurer who fix unlawful collections for predatory HOAs)  He also  got $10,000.00 from Mike Fleming, former DuPage County States Attorney, who gave money to numerous judges. So, all covered.

Justice Robert E. McLaren, was APPOINTED  an associate judge of the 18th Circuit Court in 1981. See above.
Justice Mary Seminara-Schostok is publicly known as “lawyers’ handpicked judge“. She was appointed to serve as an Associate Judge in the 19th Judicial Circuit;  appointed as a Circuit Judge in 2001;  appointed an Appellate Judge in the Second District Appellate Court in August, 2008. (in other words, a very corrupt judge backed by her husband who racks millions as a lawyer)

For her “election” to Appeal Court Schostok and her husband spent $158,000.00 of their own money (read: purchased her a seat) Trial lawyer Michael Schostok lent his wife’s campaign $108,000. His law partner Patrick Salvi contributed another $12,000. Clifford Law Offices recently chipped in $10,000 and Power Rogers & Smith donated $5,000. The rest are well-connected lawyers and corporations. Schostok’s opponent, Donna Kelly, has raised $5,075 total.

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