Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr.

Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. is a corrupt lawyer who obtained  his judicial position through personal connections with IL Democratic Party Speaker Michael Madigan and his famous “Madigan’s List” after Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. son Peter (Pete) Senechalle served Michael Madigan as his political aid in 1997-2005.

Education: Illinois Benedictine College, B.A.;  Law School Attended: DePaul University, J.D. Year of First admission: 1973, Illinois  ISLN: 903852867

Notable alumni: Hon. Anne Burke (SNL 1976) Justice, Illinois Supreme Court;  Hon. Francis J. Dolan, Illinois Benedictine College, B.A (1969.; DePaul University J.D.(1972)

As a Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr.  obstructs justice; lie to litigants from the bench; criminally conceal material evidence from case records to defraud higher Courts; terrorized litigants with bogus “contempt” threats; invited impersonator  Michael I. O’Malley to his hearings;  and zealously  support predatory  banks fraud, specially Wells Fargo Bank Corruption


From 2005 until 2017 Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. was assigned to a Chancery Division of Cook County Court, Illinois.

Senechalle’s  assignment was highly beneficial for his wife, Dorothea D. Senechalle (sister to Julian D’Esposito, Mayer Brown LLP partner). As soon as Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. assumed public office, his 61 y.o. wife became his “Assistant Judge”-without a Law Degree but with handsome contributions to IL Democratic party (Michael Madigan)dor2ardc

Senechalle  had a  fatal conflict of interests to be a Chancery Judge since his entire family is heavily involved in financial and real estate business and highly benefit from Judge Senechalle standing as a judge. Specially his brother, lawyer Ronald Senechalle

As a lawyer Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. and his brother, Ronald J. Senechalle concentrated  on general litigation and real estate. Currently Ronald J. Senechalle is a managing partner at Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee, Ltd., of the firm’s Commercial Real Estate Group. Ron concentrates in all areas of commercial and industrial real estate, including zoning and land use work. He also practices business and corporate law with an emphasis in banking; and regularly appears in Cook County Court where his brother Robert is a Judge, currently in Law Division.

senechalle ronald

Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. relatives (kids)are in financial and securities business.


Worth to mention, AAM where Timothy Senechalle is VP,  is specializing on management of Tax Exempt Municipal Bonds, So, his family connections in SEC and Court are definitely very valuable for Timothy Senechalle’s investment business.

Judge Robert E. Senechalle’s brother-in-law, Julian D’Esposito is a partner for Mayer Brown LLP. 

In July 2012, the Cook County Board approved a $100 million bond deal, handing the job of bond counsel on the deal to the law firm Mayer Brown LLP. As a member of the county board, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia co-sponsored the measure, which gave the plum job of representing the county in the deal to the politically connected Chicago law firm.

esposito1aMayer Brown contributed millions of dollars to numerous judicial and  political campaigns, specially to  Michael Madigan who helped Senechalle to obtain his judicial seat. Worth to mention, IL Attorney General  Lisa Madigan received over $2 Billion from National Mortgage Settlement of which about $1.3 billion disappeared. So, Senechalle and other Madigan’s judicial cronies  cover for these losses from the bench by operating a foreclosure mill for Wells Fargo bank and other predatory Servicers. Partial List of Mayer Brown LLP donations

Mayer Brown LLP, who  aid foreclosures mill for Wells Fargo bank in Appeal and Federal Courts.  has made it a practice to hide the fraud of its clients and partners and to make it easy for rich executives to steal from the middle class. Mayer Brown maintains control over presidential and state appointees and executives by offering them partnerships in their firm when their appointments end so long as they act in the interests of Mayer Brown’s clients while they are in office or employed.

They are in bed with the US Attorneys, such as James Thompson, where Judge Senechalle’s brother-in-law  Julian D’Esposito was a Chief Counsel; or Tyrone Fahner who is Mayer Brown LLP partner.


James Thompson donated $10,000.00 to  his a long-time friend Judge William J. Bauer’ s wife (former secretary) Judge Patricia S. Spratt to help her obtain her a judicial seat. Worth to mention, Winston &Strawn LLP also regularly assists predatory banks in fraudulent foreclosures case.

Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. is also closely connected to Judge  William J. Bauer: between September 2009-October 2010  his son Peter Senechalle was a Clerk for U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit and was a friend with Bauer’s Clerk Justin Donoho.