Judge Pamela McLean Meyerson

Judge Pamela McLean Meyerson (crony of Sen. Don Harmon) is a well-connected judge who obtained her seat in corrupt manner, after she TWICE was declined by Illinois votes;  and  lost TWO  judicial elections in 2010 and 2012.



Meyerson was appointed on April 23, 2013 by IL Supreme Court Justice Mary Jane Theis, a well-connected Justice who regularly pass judicial seats to her cronies, specially those who are backed by political interests.

Meyerson0049When Pamela McLean Meyers was running in 2012 for Judge Urso’s  vacancy, she made the following statements (1) “I am running on my qualifications and experience. I don’t believe a judgeship should be a patronage plum“; (2) “I would give everyone who appears before me an equal chance to be heard–whether they are rich or poor, plaintiff or defendant, well-connected or not; whether they have the best lawyer in town or are struggling to represent themselves”; (3) If judicial elections do continue, they should be reformed. The influence of politics and money is too great. I favor nonpartisan, publicly financed judicial elections.

All these statements were false.  As soon as Meyerson miserably lost her 2012 election for Urso’s  vacancy, she immediately used political patronage to secure her judicial seat; and was promptly appointed to a vacancy created by Judge Susan McDunn, who  claimed that she was pushed from her job  to put a well-connected  Democratic candidate on her seat  and she was “ being persecuted extensively by many people [.]. I have many claims of many types against many potential defendants, including very powerful people in this city”. McDunn  said” she’s been the victim of “defamation, harassment, stalking, invasion of privacy, invasion of medical records, invasion to my right to confidentiality in medical records, people scheming to make up stories and spread lies about me — and it’s politically based.” McDunn was removed from the bench in November 2012, or soon after  Pamela Meyerson lost her second election in 2012 and desperately needed a judicial vacancy.

Pamela Meyerson’s words that she “favor nonpartisan, publicly financed judicial elections. ” are not true either. According to lawyer Russ Stewart , Pamela Meyerson obtained her seat through connections with Democratic Senator Don Harmon, whose relative, JoAnne M.  Harmon, was Pamela Meyerson’s campaign treasurer.  “Finally, in the Oak Park/36th Ward/38th Ward 11th Subcircuit, Harmon will put another judge on the bench. Pamela Meyerson ran and lost in 2012, but she will beat three others in March.”


Pamela McLean Meyrson’s statements that she “would give everyone who appears before me an equal chance to be heard–whether they are rich or poor, plaintiff or defendant, well-connected or not; whether they have the best lawyer in town or are struggling to represent themselves” – are also false statements to mislead Illinois public.

Meyerson was a judge in a fraudulent foreclosure case 12-CH-33751, US Bank v. George Pote. According to  Defendant George Pote words (I spoke with him personally), when he  decided to proceed ProSe, “judge Meyerson instantly  denied ALL his Motion and arguments without any review of the merits of his Defense. To compare, when Pote appeared later before  Judge Lyle, she said that she would “not touch this case even with a 10- foot stick” – this is how fraudulent this foreclosure is . But Judge Meyerson instantly ruled in favor of the bank and their predatory lawyers, Pierce and Associates. Clearly, as a judge Meyerson only serves her parties of interests – such as banks, corporations and their well-connected lawyer; and does NOT give “ everyone who appears before me an equal chance to be heard” – on the merits of their case.

Furthermore, it appears that Pamela McLean Meyerson is related to a well-connected developer Daniel E. McLean. In 2013 Dan and Denise McLean gave Pamela McLean Meyerson $30,000.00 to support her judicial campaign. Daniel McLean also often supported  other political campaigns, including $6,000.00 to a well-connected Alderman Ed Burke, whose wife, Anne Burke, is  Illinois Supreme Court’s Justice who is responsible for judicial appointments.


Around 2006 Dan McLean became a defendant in many legal cases, including Case 06-CH-5431,Tully v. McLean , filed by Dan McLean’s former business partner, Mr. Tully:  Over a six-year period, Mr. McLean relied on “a series of accounting frauds and blatant lies” to conceal a diversion of funds from Mr. Tully, according to a Jan. 21 opinion written by Circuit Court Judge Stuart Palmer. Yes, you read that correctly: blatant lies to his business partner to conceal a diversion of funds.

Dan was  fighting a flood of lawsuits and foreclosures (as of this article’s date, the lawsuits totalled 42 million dollars); he  faced a fraud lawsuit and had to pay 4.2 million to his business partner, (yes, that’s right, fraud towards his business partner),  3.2 million of which was punitive damages; his cash flow problems also caused the IRS to file a lien on him for 2.6 million in income taxes owed (the article goes on to say he found a way to finally pay this).. Here’s a paragraph: In November, Chicago-based real estate investment firm Wrightwood Capital LLC filed a humiliating foreclosure lawsuit against Mr. McLean’s Streeterville penthouse, which he had put up as collateral to get an extension on a $24- million loan for a failed condo conversion project in Atlanta.

Obviously, having a personal judge in Cook County Court  could help a lot in Dan McLean’s legal struggles, specially with Ald. Burke and his wife, Justice Anne Burke  on McLean’s side.


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