Judge P. Scott Neville

Judge P. Scott Neville was a clerk for a well-connected  Justice Glenn Johnson.

From 1990-2000 Judge Neville worked with well-connected Justice Nathaniel R. Howse, Jr.  in  Howse, Howse, Howse, Neville & Gray.   Howse’s well-connected sister Natalie Howse,  is a current  Cook County Bar Association President  and  works as Assistant State’s Attorney General. Howse’ father was attorney Nathaniel R. Howse

In 1996, Neville and Howse  were removed by a District Judge from a case  for ” the ground that they had abandoned their clients.” According to the case, In Re Richard Barnett, Eddie Read, P. Scott Neville,Nathaniel Howse, Jr., and R. Eugene Pincham, Petitioners, 97 F.3d 181 (7th Cir. 1996), the district judge expressed his displeasure at the fact that none of the plaintiffs’ other lawyers were prepared to pick up the reins dropped by Miner. On June 19, shortly before the trial resumed, the judge on his own initiative struck as attorneys of record in the case the lawyers–four in number, of whom the petitioner lawyers are three–who had not appeared in the courtroom for at least a year.”

Moreover, Neville and Howse were criticized for charging excessive legal fees for their services,  while they did not provided them much. According to Court ruling in 122 F. Supp. 2d 915 (2000) Richard BARNETT, et al., Plaintiffs v. CITY OF CHICAGO, et al.,”Defendants raise substantial objections to fee requests from three additional attorneys, Eugene Pincham, P. Scott Neville, and Nathaniel Howse, Jr. Mr. Pincham *919 seeks $654,625 in fees, Mr. Neville seeks $358,880, and Judge Howse[3] seeks $131,080 in fees. Defendants raise several objections to these fee requests.  The most serious challenge to the requested fees raised by defendants concerns the number of hours for which Messrs. Pincham, Neville and Howse seek compensation. It is undisputed that none of these lawyers were actively involved in this case after late 1992 when Mr. Miner became lead counsel.”

P. Scott Neville joined the circuit court in 1999 and has been on the appellate court by appointment since 2004 by  IL Supreme Charles Freeman, who appointed Neville as a Judge on Gallagher vacancy.


In 2010 Tribute reported that “Attorney Deborah Jean Gubin, a former public defender, is preferred over five others for the Getty vacancy. It is inexcusable that Judge P. Scott Neville, one of her opponents, refused to be evaluated by the Chicago Bar Association. Neville who joined the bench just last October, also has earned a reputation for imperiousness and abusiveness toward people in his court.”

On December 16,  2011  P. Scott Neville was appointed to IL Appeal Court.


Before being recently appointed to the circuit court by Justice Charles Freeman of the Illinois Supreme Court, attorney Neville was a Clerk for Justice Glenn Johnson, who  regularly used his personal connections to push his cronies  into  judicial seat. Two of his former clerks, P. Scott Neville Jr. and Judge Joy Virginia Cunningham, are now Appellate judges.