Judge Maureen Connors

Judge Maureen E. Connors did not earn her judicial seat but obtained it through beneficial connections with Alderman Edward Burke for whom Maureen Connors worked as his law Associate; and his wife, IL Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke who regularly place their cronies in judicial seats.According to Gov. Rauner, IL Supreme Court is a part of corrupt system

The Illinois Supreme Court announced  the assignment of Cook County Circuit Court Judge Maureen E. Connors to the Illinois Appellate Court. Judge Connors will fill the vacancy created by the appointment of Appellate Justice Mary Jane Theis.  The assignment of Judge Connors will become effective Oct. 26 and expire Dec. 3, 2012.connors burke1



Before being elected an associate judge, Maureen Connors  worked as an associate at  Klafter &Burke, led by  Alderman Edward Burke, husband to Justice Anne Burke.

Connors has connections with the Southwest Side 11th, 13th and 14th wards (meaning Madigan and Burke).


Maureen Connors is a very special crony. While other well-connected judges  spend very substantial funds on their elections, like Judge Sheldon A. Harris, Judge David Ellis, Judge Cynthia Y. Cobbs. Maureen Connors merely “loaned” to herself $2,000.00 which were shortly  refunded to her.

1appeal court justices1




To compare, Justice Shelly Harris  invested $990,057.00 of his own money into election and purportedly spent $690,000.00 on a single small media company for his political ad

harris spending

Worth to mention, Justice Connors was a very generous donor to IL Democratic Party (read: Mr.Michael Madigan, and this is one of most crucial factors to get “elected” to Illinois Court.


I have personal and very negative experience in Justice Maureen E. Connors. She fixed my Appeal case in the most corrupt manner when she ruled that my Appeal Notice filed on May 16, 2016 where I appealed April 26, 2016 order was filed “untimely” and she had “no jurisdiction” to review which is not true. Illinois law provides 30 days to file Notices of Appeal; and Petitions filed under Rule 1401(f) MUST be reviewed as a separate case.

Maureen Connors is a corrupt judge who committed Honest Services Fraud ,  trespassed all applicable laws and deprived me from my Due Process and other civil rights to aid and abet  Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr.’s  racket  and Wells Fargo bank corruption and fraud