Judge Mary L. Mikva

Judge Mary Lane Mikva obtained her position  in corrupt manner, through her father’s Judge Abner Mikva connections, who was the former congressman, federal judge, White House counsel and Professor at University of Illinois Law School.


Worth to mention, University of Illinois was involved in a clout scandal resulted from a series of articles in the Chicago Tribune which reported that some applicants “received special consideration” for acceptance between 2005 and 2009, despite having sub-par qualifications. University of Illinois officials  acknowledged that they created a special classification to track the applications of students with clout, called “Category I.”

[Abner] Mikva has own connection to the Supreme Court (particularly with Justice Mary Jane Theis whom Mikva repeatedly gave $$$ amounts of money for elections) , as well, having clerked there for Justice Sherman Minton during the 1951-52 term.

No surprise that kids of well-connected judges, like Mary Mikva, have no obstacles to obtain positions of public trust despite sub-par qualifications and  highly adverse professional background plagued by corruption and professional incompetence.

On June 7, 2016, the IL Supreme Court assigned Mary Mikva  to the Illinois First District Appellate Court.  According to Mary Mikva own words, she was professionally incompetent as a judge and has no idea how to do her job as Appeal Court Justice.

On June 8, 2016 Mikva said” “I’ve been here six years, and I’m certainly not bored and certainly feel challenged but somewhat competent at it finally, but now I have to go do something I have no idea how to do,” she said. “I think it’s challenging. Despite that, Mikva said she is thankful to be in a position”

As a judge Mary Mikva regularly  fix  cases in favor her parties of interests.

Judge Mary  Mikva legalized  kickbacks for  wealthy property Title Insurance  Companies when  legalized kickbacks for lawyers who refer their clients. This was the case  had been brought by plaintiffs who alleged two title insurance companies were paying real estate attorneys to refer clients to purchase title insurance policies from them. Judge Mikva had rejected the case, saying legal precedent holds attorneys need only perform some title services to allow them to be legally paid by the title companies as a “title agent.” On appeal, two justices of the First District court in Chicago, Justices Mary Anne Mason and Terrence J. Lavin, backed Mikva. A third justice, Aurelia Pucinski, dissented. In her dissent, Pucinski vehemently disagreed, calling the work allegedly doled out by the title companies to the real estate lawyers little more than pro forma commitments designed as “add-ons” to the work already performed by the title companies and add-ons to the fees the title companies were already charging. “These were plain and simple kickbacks for referrals, and no matter how you dress them up, they are still kickbacks,” Pucinski wrote in her dissent. ”They are still wrong and the class can demonstrate violations of both the federal and Illinois laws.” Illinois Supreme Court has let stand a lower court’s decision to allow lawyers to earn fees – even fees that appear overly large, compared to the amount of work being done – from real estate title companies, despite accusations that the fee-splitting arrangements amount to little more than a kickback scheme. The lack of action by the state Supreme Court means a decision by a three-justice panel of the Illinois First District Appellate Court would stand. The appeals court had ruled 2-1 in favor of the defendants in the matter, in turn upholding a decision by Cook County Judge Mary Mikva, who had also determined the title insurance companies were not outside the bounds of the law. Illinois Supreme Court deadlocks on whether title companies

Judge Mary Mikva approved gerrymandering for Michael Madigan and his clout to “change  legislative districts and dole out favors and campaign cash.14 CH 7356 Frank Clark et. al, v. Illinois State Board of Elections, et al. ( 2014 IL App (1st) 141937 by Judge Thomas E. Hoffman, Judge Maureen Connors and Terrance Lavin (former Corboy&DeMetrio Associate).  Rampant gerrymandering is the norm in Illinois.  Judge Mikva, a scion of Chicago’s Democratic political establishment, issued a decision  that said “any term limits initiative appears to be outside what is (legally) permissible” and that “a differently drafted redistricting initiative could be valid,” but that this one goes beyond changing the Legislature’s structure and procedure by limiting who could draw the new maps.  Judge Mikva’s decision raises the question of exactly what it would take to meet the exalted legal standard for a constitutional amendment that the Illinois Supreme Court has established. A masterful tactician, Madigan has operated the levers of power, including the ability to gerrymander legislative districts and dole out favors and campaign cash to underlings, to achieve unrivaled status. At the same time, he has been complicit , if not in charge of, the policies that have driven Illinois to near ruin. But it’s more than just Madigan who is the problem — it’s the system that produces and perpetuates people like him. It’s that system and those people these amendments targeted. But they win again. Unfortunately, everyone else in this failed state has been consigned to loser status. In light of a Chicago judge’s decision to strike down two citizen-proposed constitutional amendments, it needs revision, perhaps something more like: “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.” But it’s hard to be optimistic about this state’s future without a dramatic change in — indeed, the destruction of — the political status quo. If Cook County Circuit Judge Mary Mikva’s decision is upheld on appeal — and there’s no reason other than blind faith to believe it won’t, if it is appealed — the status quo not only won’t change, it will be strengthened” Horrible defeat, https://cookcountyrecord.com/stories/510578809-updated-supreme-court-denies-term-limit-appeal

Judge Mary Mikva fixed two consumer-fraud lawsuits, 2012 CH 03494 Johnson v. John Marshall Law School , (2014 IL App (1st) 123610); and 2012 CH 03522, Evans v. Chicago Kent, (2014 IL App (1st) 123611) filed by debt-laden law school graduates. The lawsuits, two of many, accused JMLS and IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law of puffing up figures that showed how many of their graduates found employment. “Cook County Circuit Judge Mary Mikva dismissed the lawsuits against John Marshall and Kent on Friday. She ruled from the bench, and later issued one-page written orders. According to lawyers who attended the hearing, Judge Mikva said she agreed with the reasoning of her colleague, Judge Neil Cohen, who in September spiked a lawsuit filed by graduates of DePaul University College of Law.” “Their complaint is that non-elite law schools are selling a fraudulent bill of goods. Law schools advertise deceptively high rates of employment and misleading income figures. Many graduates can’t get jobs. Many graduates end up as temp attorneys working for $15 to $20 dollars an hour on two week gigs, with no benefits. The luckier graduates land jobs in government or small firms for maybe $45,000, with limited prospects for improvement. A handful of lottery winners score big firm jobs. And for the opportunity to enter a saturated legal market with long odds against them, the tens of thousands newly minted lawyers who graduate each year from non-elite schools will have paid around $150,000 in tuition and living expenses, and given up three years of income. Many leave law school with well over $100,000 in non-dischargeable debt, obligated to pay $1,000 a month for thirty years. This dismal situation was not created by the current recession—which merely spread the pain up the chain into the lower reaches of elite schools. This has been going on for years. https://balkin.blogspot.com/2010/06/wake-up-fellow-law-professors-to.html

Judge Mary Mikva’s decision was posted and people shared their opinion on Judge Mikva’s ruling. http://thirdtierreality.blogspot.com/2012/11/profiles-in-judicial-fecal-matter-mary.html.  Some comments stated: “People like Judge Mikva are disconnected from reality. She probably believes, like Victoria Pynchon, that she earned every accolade in her life without giving credit to the fact that her DNA pedigree is what got her there (i.e., being born on third base while thinking you just hit a triple). To her, people like Nando and recent law grads are whiners who are experiencing buyers’ remorse. These judges (who are tossing out these cases) gloss over the fact that the law schools are committing fraud using fuzzy stats. Any other enterprise using juked stats gets put down but law schools will allow to operate. The scam will have a day of reckoning. LSAC is reporting another consecutive drop of applicants. Eventually, within a year or two, some law schools will have to consider shutting down. I pray for a domino effect and I cannot wait until these law professors come clamoring for their lateral partnership positions at Biglaw.”

Judge Mary Mikva supports and enables Wells Fargo bank fraud and fix cases in their favor in violation of all applicable laws.

I have my personal and very negative experience with  Judge Mary Mikva when she joined Judge Maureen Connors and Judge Sheldon A. Harris who entered an erroneous and unlawful decision that they do not have jurisdiction to review my Appeal due to “untimely filed” Notice which was filed 20 days after the final decision in my 1401(f) Petition to vacate void Judgement entered by Judge Jean M. Prendergast Rooney and approved by Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr., who acting in excess of jurisdiction criminally concealed material evidence from my case records.

Judge Mary Mikva ignored and disrespected IL Supreme Court Rule 301 provides a right to appeal from all final judgments of the circuit court in civil cases. A “final judgment” is one that completely disposes of the entire case, A judgment is final when there is nothing more for the circuit court to do on the case. The notice of appeal must be filed within 30 days from the date that final judgment is entered. Supreme Court Rule 303(a)(1). The final order in my 1401 Petition was entered on April 26, 2016. My Notice of Appeal objecting this decision was filed on May 16, 2016, which was 20 days later, thus fit R 303(a)(1) requirement.
But Judge Mikva refused to review my Appeal, which is a violation of IL R. 1401 and my Constitutional Due process and Equal Protection Rights, per 42 USC 1983,85, 86; and 18 USC 242,  which Judge Mary Mikva violated when she deprived me from her Honest Services in violation of 18 USC 1346.
Judge Mary Mikva erroneous decision of her “lack of jurisdiction” to review my Appeal and reverse void orders procured by fraud  supported and enabled Wells Fargo bank corruption and fraud