Judge Margarita T. Kulys Hoffman

Margarita Kulys Hoffman, is a Cook County circuit judge for 13th Subcircuit who obtained her position in corrupt manner, with support  from her well-connected husband, Judge Thomas E. Hoffman  and his powerful cronies.

hoffman 1b3

Judge Kulys Hoffman was  assigned to her position in 2006 to the post by the Illinois Supreme Court and, in September, purportedly elected as an Associate Judge of the Cook County Circuit Court. Worth to mention, Associate Judges are not elected, they are assigned. On August 18, 2008 Kules-Hoffman was included into famous Madigan’s List , which definitely helped Kulys-Hoffman with “election”


Judge Kulys Hoffman’s husband Thomas E. Hoffman  has a long public record of corruption and judicial misconduct.

Justice Thomas E. Hoffman is a protégé of powerful IL politician, Mr. Edward Burke, and  his long time crony, as well as with Justice Anne Burke and Michael Madigan

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Hoffman started his career as a  Chicago police officer (his friend, Ald. Ed Burke, whose father Joseph was a police officer,  also started his career as a police officer). Hoffman worked as assistant corporation counsel for the city of Chicago from 1971 to 1976. Burke, who left his police job,  was first elected to the Chicago City Council in 1969, or just two years before Justice Hoffman joined City of Chicago as assistant corporation counsel in 1971. Hoffman  was retained by cronies in 2004. He was retained again on November 4, 2014. His term expires December 1, 2024.

Justice Thomas E. Hoffman is engaged in a long-time scheme of cronyism not only with Alderman Edward Burke and his wife, IL Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, but with his former classmate, a well-connected lawyer, now  Judge Daniel J. Pierce