Judge Joy Virginia Cunningham

Joy V. Cunningham is a well-connected jurist who  obtained her position of public Trust in corrupt manner and  fix cases in favor of her parties of interest, specially those who bankroll her election.  During her 2012 campaign  for IL Supreme Court Joy Cunningham made following  statements to the voters claiming thay  her key issues are “Ensuring the independence of the judiciary” and “ensuring that everyone has equal access to justice and to a fair trial before the courts”. Both  statements are false.

Joy V. Cunningham is NOT an independent judge; she used her her personal connections to get her position in the public office;  and she has no intention to ensure that everyone get equal assess to justice and a fair trial in her Court (I have personal experience with  Judge Cunningham where she fixed my case in favor for Mayer Brown LLP lawyers from whom Cunningham received at least $1,000.00 for her 2012 election).   Joy Virginia Cunningham profile

Joy V. Cunningham  tried to run for a Judge in 1996, when she lost her election.  Here are no  public records HOW Joy V. Cunningham found her way to the bench, but in 2000 she was sitting as a judge. Likely she was appointed without any elections by “mysterious” political forces who were interested to have  a well-connected in medical and real estate industry, loyal   Judge. Average citizens did not support Cunningham’s candidacy. All her election donors are well-connected lawyers who regularly appear in her court to represent clients in personal injuries and medical and real estate malpractice cases; and who could do anything to put their hand-picked candidates to the bench.  Cunningham donors


Joy Cunningham has been a justice of the Illinois First District Appellate Court since December 2006. Prior to that, she was the Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for the Northwestern Memorial System (just between Sept. 2017-Feb. 2018 Northwestern was sued 33 (thirty three) times in Law Division )Cases filed against Northwestern since September 2017  Clearly, having a reliable Appellate Judge, like Joy  Cunningham, is very helpful in such a heavy load of cases.

Judge Cunningham began her career as a judicial clerk for a well-connected  Illinois Appellate Justice Glenn Johnson, who also attended  John Marshall Law School where he was a Trustee,  and who served nearly 30 years as a judge for Cook County Circuit Court and the Illinois Appellate Court.

Justice Glenn Johnson started his career  as Assistant Attorney General of Illinois where he worked for 7 years; and then became a senior attorney for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago. In 1966, he was elected an associate judge (who are actually APPOINTED, not elected of the Circuit Court and then in 1968 was elected as a full circuit judge.  On April 2, 1973, Justice Johnson was sworn in as a justice of the Appellate Court (here are no records of his election) of Illinois for the First Division where he served until his retirement, December 5, 1994.

Justice Glenn Johnson, who was well-familiar with IL Court back doors how to obtain judicial seats, regularly used his personal connections to push his cronies  into  judicial seat. Two of his former clerks, Judge P. Scott Neville. and Joy Cunningham, are now Appellate judges; his wife  Evelyn, also became an associate judge of the Circuit Court (likely appointed by “mysterious forces” aka well-connected politicians). (P. Scott Nevill, who has extremely adverse public records of abuses against the public,  helped his crony and former law partner, Nathaniel R. Howse, Jr. to become an Appeal  Judge)   Judge Timothy Evans, a former Chicago alderman who became chief judge of Cook County Circuit Court, credits Judge Johnson with being a major influence on his political and legal career.

 Joy Cunningham later worked as an Assistant Attorney General where she built necessary beneficial  connections, which  also significantly helped  in her mysterious rise into judicial seat in 2000.


She was also a lawyer for the firm of French, Rogers, Kezelis & Kominiarek, (who specialized in personal injury defense matters, including medical malpractice, as well as some toxic tort litigation, including asbestos cases.) and an Associate General Counsel for Loyola University of Chicago and the Loyola University Health System (Sued 15 (fifteen) times between 2016-2017 in Law Division).  Loyola Health system cases 2016-2017Currently Joy Cunningham serves on  Loyola Board of Directors,which is a glaring conflict of interests with her position as a Judge; and violation of all applicable ethics. Worth to mention, on the same Loyola Board serves Lora Healey, who also  heavily involved in Chicago real estate,  crony of former Mayor Daley.

Cunningham then became a judge on the Cook County Circuit Court from 2000 until her election to the Appellate Court. (No indication HOW she became a judge in 2000)

Judge Cunningham served as a President of the Chicago Bar Association from 2004-2005, and has also served on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Bar Foundation (who are responsible for rating Judicial Candidates)

In 2012 Cunningham unsuccessfully tried to run for Illinois Supreme Court (Fitzgerald vacancy) and made following statements to the public: “Maintaining the independence of the Judiciary is of paramount importance to me. I believe that the political slating process can run contrary to this independence” She further said: “I am an independent and experienced judge who understands legal issues on their most basic level” Joy Virginia Cunningham Questionnaire

It is not true.  As a Judge Joy V. Cunningham is not independent or free of political slating process judge, because this is exactly how she got her position of public trust – through her personal connections with certain politicians.

Her main donors were well-connected Asbestos Law Firm Cooney &Conway ; Corboy &DeMetrio (who have at least four  personal Judges: Appeal Court Justice Katherine Rochford, wife of partner Michael Demetrio; Appeal Court Justice Terrance Levin (former C&D Associate); Judge Elizabeth M.  Rochford (Lake County), former C&D legal assistant and likely a relative to Mary Rochford ; Judge Eve Mary Reilly, Mike Demetrio, of Corboy & Demetrio, was her campaign manager;  Corboy & Demetrio administrator Marcy Twardak is listed as the campaign treasurer; Power Pogers&Smith PC;  and The Healy Law Firm; and other well-connected lawyers who regularly represent medical and real estate professionals in large malpractice cases.

 Judge Joy V. Cunningham does not understand legal issues on their most basic level either. I have my personal experience with Judge Cunningham, where she acting without jurisdiction fixed my case, in violation of my Due Process rights; and applicable laws;  in favor of Wells Fargo bank who filed a fraudulent foreclosure, based on forged documents and filed on behalf of a fictitious company.

Cunningham has been endorsed by U.S. Rep. Danny Davis (D-7th) and Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.

She has the backing of Justice Thomas Fitzgerald, and since May 2011 has raised more than $830,000 for the primary, according to campaign finance records on file with the Illinois State Board of Elections. Since June 2011, Cunningham has raised $342,000, according to the state board.

But based on another source, Cunningham received at least $1,002,581.08 from various Democratic  political organizations (Cunningham claimed  NOT be slotted by Democrats) ;  lawyers; health industry professional; lobbyist, ect – except average Illinois people whom Joy V. Cunningham deprive from Civil rights in her court while serves only her parties of interests – who bankroll her elections, of course.


EDUCATION: City University of New York, B.S.; John Marshall Law School, Chicago, J.D.

My experience with Judge Joy V. Cunningham was in 2016 when she helped Wells Fargo bank and corrupt Judge Thomas E. Hoffman; and Katherine Rochford to steal my property, based on void orders entered by corrupt Judge Jean M. Prendergast Rooney; and Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr.

This foreclosure case was filed on August 16, 2011 by lawyer Douglas Oliver who acted on behalf of a defunct “Trustee” Deutsche Bank (“DBNT”)and a fictitious legal entity REMIC Trust GSAMP 2006FM1, and  filed a fraudulent complaint based on forged documents and false statement claiming that DBNT is a “current mortgagee” who received “interest” in my property from MERS, a purported “mortgagee” for my loan with long-time bankrupt and non-existing Fremont Mortgage and Loan.

All these statements were lies and obstruction of justice. MERS never was a mortgagee for my loan with Fremont; and DBNT was NOT a Trustee for Trust GSAMP 2006FM1 since this Trust did not exist since January 2007; never had any registration in the State of Illinois (where the property is located); and cannot accept ANY interest in ANY securities (mortgages) more than 5 years after its closing day.

The first judge in this case was Judge Jean M. Prendergast Rooney, crony to Justice Mary Jane Theis (whom Rooney gave substantial funds for election); Loyola classmate with IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan (whom Rooney gave substantial funds for election); and niece of a well-connected lawyer Richard Prendergast, who gave very substantial funds for most judicial and political election).

Judge Rooney had a duty to comply to the minimum with the basic rules of Civil Proceeding such as 5/2-403, 5/1-109, 5/2-605 and 5/15-1508. Rooney should have demand a Sworn Affidavit in support of Deutsche Bank’s standing as the plaintiff, and verify validity of the Notices, which she never did.

Rooney trespassed the law and favorably ruled on legally void pleadings. “When a judge does not follow the law, i.e., they are a trespasser of the law, the judge loses subject-matter jurisdiction and the judges orders are void, of no legal force or effect.” Thus, the original Order entered by Judge Rooney was void.

On December 28, 2012, I filed a Motion to Vacate Void Judgment to present for January 11, 2013 Confirmation of Sale hearing and demanded to vacate sale due to Deutsche Bank’s lack of standing and violations of the applicable laws and fraud upon the Court, which invalidated this Court’s jurisdiction. My request for reconsideration was covered by 735 ILCS 5/2-1203. North River Insurance Co.v. Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Co., 369 Ill App. 3d 563, 572, 1st Dist. 2006.

Under IL precedents, MERS v. Barnes, 406 Ill.App.3d 1, 940 N.E.2d 118 (1st Dist. 2010) and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company v. Snick, 2011 IL App (3d) 100436, 957 N.E.2d 1273, “standing” is (a) an affirmative defense that is waived if not asserted and (b) must be raised prior to the confirmation of sale, when the court’s review is limited to the four elements set forth in IMFL section 1508. The latter holding in Barnes was specifically rejected in November by the second district in Wells Fargo Bank v. McCluskey, 2012 IL App (2nd) 110961, when it held that a motion to vacate can be brought at the time of the confirmation of sale regardless of the limitations of section 15-1508.

I brought my original Petition on time on December 28, 2012, or before the confirmation, which Judge Rooney knew. Nonetheless she denied my Petition and in February 15 2013 approved the Order of Sale. I objected and filed for rehearing.

On February 22, 2013, the Government entered the National Mortgage Settlement, providing additional protection to veterans like myself. Then the IL Supreme Court adopted Rule 113, which in fact duplicated existing 735 ILCS 5/2-403(a),  and required full chain of assignments in foreclosure cases, in wet-ink signatures, or  “changes in the law since the judgement was entered” under 5/2-1203.

Rooney, fully aware of these legal developments in the foreclosure crisis, agreed to hear my Motion for Reconsideration on May 23, 2013. On April 19, 2013, I receive the letter from the Federal Government where they advised me that the real plaintiff in my case is Wells Fargo bank, the Servicer. It was a new fact that I was not able to present prior to Rooney’s first judgement on February 15th. On May 23, 2013, Judge Rooney recused herself from my case and it was transferred to judge Robert E. Senechalle Jr., a well-connected crony to Mr. Michael Madigan. 

The lawyers in my case were absolutely confident that judge Senechalle will grant their Motion, so on July 12, 2013, they recorded a Deed on my property while the case was still pending in the Court, which is a direct violation of Due Process and Equal Protection clause.

Judge Senechalle did not fail them. He repeatedly ignored the insufficiency of their pleading and his lack of subject/matter jurisdiction.  On October 22, 2013, Senechalle for the first time in 2 years asked the lawyers if they had a copy of the Original Note. They responded that they “think our client has it.” On November 15, 2013, I emailed the lawyers for the copy of the Original Note before the hearing. My request was ignored, and documents never provided.

On December 4, 2013, the lawyers brought brand-new, loose documents that they introduced as the “original Mortgage and Note.”

Judge Senechalle accepted the documents and gave them to me for three-minute review. I asked to provide me a copy of these documents and that they be filed with the court records. Senechalle replied that it is not necessary since these documents were “exactly the same” documents as attached to the Complaint.

This was clearly not true. The documents were not the same. Judge Senechalle did not even bother to open my complaint to compare the lawyers’ Note with mine. I repeated my request two more times, and again stated that DBNT is a non-exist plaintiff. But Senechelle ignored, as he was too busy cracking jokes about “Merky MERS” practices as a plaintiff. (MERS has absolutely no relation to my foreclosure, except violations of Cease and Desist Order of April 13, 2011 and negligent supervision of Wells Fargo employees). Although this Note was a key evidence at the hearing in my case, the Mortgage Note and Assignment brought by lawyer Kalbas that day were never filed with the Court nor provided for my records, which supports my conclusion that the Note was forged by Wells Fargo.

At this same hearing, Senechelle refused to hear what I as the Defendant had to say, which is another violation of the law.

In his latest decision on January 13, 2016, which I must stress was made without any evidentiary hearing, Judge Senechalle advised me that the “original Note” brought by the bank is prima facie evidence. According to him the plaintiff owned the Note but both, bank and Judge Senechalle refused to file this prima facie evidence with the Court. In support, Senechalle cited Parkway Bank &Trust v. Korzen, 2013 IL App. (1st) 130380. Senechalle, who was a presiding judge in Parkway case 10-CH-36958, conveniently ignored a glaring dissimilarity of Parkway’s merits and facts in  my case. The Mortgage and Note enforced by Parkway Bank, was issued by Parkway Bank, thus the plaintiff was enforcing its OWN Mortgage secured by Note issued to Parkway, who was acting under its own name, with a legally sufficient Complaint accompanied by all required by law Affidavits. In my case, Deutsche Bank personally denies any involvement as a plaintiff while Wells Fargo participation is proven by the Government and Wells Fargo itself. Wells Fargo bank employees filed robo-signed assignment in violation of all applicable laws to defunct  REMIC Trust more than 4 years after its closing date of April 4, 2006, without any chain of endorsements. Senechalle considered it a lawful transfer, and that “original” Note without any endorsements was found a prima facie evidence of ownership, similar to Parkway case. This is a legal farce created by the judge to mislead me.

I brought my case to Appeal Court, but the Appeal Court well-connected  Justices James R. Epstein; David Ellis, Nathaniel Howse and Cynthia Cobbs  never obtained a copy of these purportedly original Mortgage, Note and Assignment.

They were unable to evaluate these documents’ validity since the lawyer and the judge in my case intentionally excluded them from Court records.

Appeal Court Justices Epstein, Howse and Ellis made their adverse decision based on incomplete case files for case 11-CH-28887 files, so it was of little surprise that their response was erroneous and void.

The Justices claimed that “Plaintiff also attached an adjustable rate promissory Note, which provided that the lender was Fremont and endorsed by Michael Koch, Fremont Vice President, to “pay in order of ** without recourse” and “thereafter, Fremont transferred the loan to plaintiff as indicated by notation **” Deutsche Bank N.t. as Trustee for Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006-1.”

But the Trust on behalf of which foreclosure case 11-CH-28887 was filed is GSAMP 2006-FM1, not Fremont 2006-1, and the Note attached to Complaint has none of the notations observed by the Justices.

On r about January  4, 2016 I filed a Petition to Vacate void judgement, which can be done at any time; in any Court. On January 13, 2016, Judge Senechalle entered an Order and instantly denied my Petition with prejudice without evidentiary hearing. According to Senechalle, his Court had jurisdiction because the matter presented was “justiciable”, “definite and concrete, touching upon the legal relation of parties having adverse legal interests.”  In other words, Judge Senechalle advised me that Deutsche Bank, who personally denies any involvement in foreclosure cases, has a “definite and concrete” controversy based on its adverse legal relation with me. This is absurd.  DBNT never was a party of my transaction with Fremont; never invested any single cent into the Trust or my Mortgage; never suffered any injuries in fact caused by my conduct which would be redressed to DBNT; acts on behalf of third party, REMIC Trust GSAMP 2006FM1, without any legit documents in support; was never lawfully appointed as Trustee to Trust GSAMP 2006FM; its duties as Trustee were terminated on January 24, 2007; my Mortgage transfer to legally void Trust more than 4 years after closing date was illegal under IRS Rule 26-860G and Pooling and Servicing Agreement; the Assignment is robo-signed,  in violation of Consent Judgement.

But Senechalle, who trespassed all applicable Federal and State laws, insisted that he “clearly had jurisdiction to enter the judgement of foreclosure”.

Senechalle went farther is his abuses of power and invited an impersonator, Lawyer Michael I. O’Malley, who was present at the hearing on March 25, 2016, during his taxpayers funded work hours; and posed as a “criminal prosecutor” who will “hold me in  contempt” – for lawful disagreement with Senechalle and Rooney’s void orders.

Judge Senechelle’s merciless attack against me under the color of the law was simply to cover for his malpractices. In this last Order, he baselessly threatened me with “indirect criminal contempt” charges for purported “violations” of his void Order, procured by his own fraud upon the Court.

In fact, the only party in direct “criminal contempt” is judge Senechalle himself who served interests of his preferred parties; and  concealed his family connections with Wells Fargo bank lawyers, Mayer Brown LLP, where his brother-in-law Julian D’Esposito was a partner. Clearly,  Judge Senechelle has repeatedly violated his duty as judge to act in a way advantageous to his personal interests.

On May 16, 2016 I timely  filed a Notice of Appeal; and among other issues stated that VOID orders can be vacated at any time and at any Court.

In the meanwhile, on or about August 3, 2016 Wells Fargo bank and its Realtor George Arvanitis. Sells Wells Fargo fraudulent foreclosures. listed my property for sale, while my Appeal was still pending; and my Petition under Rule 1401(f) must be reviewed as a separate legal proceeding, which was never done by ANY Judge in my case.

I filed a Motion to Stay sale of my property, which was denied by corrupt Judge Thomas E. Hoffman, and Katherine Rochford, who acting in excess of all jurisdiction trespassed all applicable laws and Due process and allowed WFB to proceed with the same.  Worth to mention, WFB was never able to provide me ANY documents in support of its rights to foreclose on me; and the only one “smoking gun” evidence” was criminally concealed from Court records by corrupt Judge Senechalle.

Since both Justices, Hoffman and Rochford, have highly adverse public record of corruption and sued for Constitutional disabilities and fixing cases; I demanded to substitute them from the case.

My Petition to Substitute Justices Hoffman and Rochford was denied by Justices Hoffman, Rochford and Joy Cunningham, who joined and supported  their fraudulent conducts; and deprived me from my Constitutional rights to be heard on the merits of my case by an independent Judge who will respect and follow laws.

Joy V. Cunningham, who herself had a conflict of interests to act as a Judge in my Appeal since she received $1,000.00  from Mayer Brown’s partner Lori Lightfoot,  a generous donor to many judicial elections; trial attorney, investigator and risk manager who often appear in complex commercial litigation in areas ranging from breach of contract and business tort claims; franchisor/franchisee disputes; foreclosure actions and other real estate related litigation; and products liability actions. Mayer Brown represented Wells Fargo bank in my Appeal Cases.


Cunningham trespassed all laws and rules of ethics when she as enabler to Wells Fargo bank fraud upon the Court; and supported judicial corruption – which comes as a little surprise to me.

At least 6 judges either received money from Wells Fargo bank lawyers Mayer Brown LLP; and readily sold them a favorable decision in the entirely bogus and void case; for a handsome  compensation, of course.