Judge John C. Griffin Corruption

Judge John C. Griffin  obtained his judicial seat by appointment  from IL Supreme Court and   through his personal connections with  Speaker Michael Madigan and another well-connected Judge Daniel J. Pierce. According to Griffin’s own words, on March 14, 2010, ” For several months, I served as a backup judge for the other nine judges and three mechanics lien judges.”He also mentioned that he has to deal with “Many of these cases involve defendants attempting to represent themselves. This is an added challenge for a judge”. 

Judge Griffin from the beginning of his career treated ProSe with prejudice, which is inconsistent with Griffin’s statement that he “I would  apply the law to the facts to make just decisions. In the process, I would treat people equally, fairly and respectfully.” These statements are false since Griffin did not treat  ProSe equally from the beginning of his career; and fix cases for his parties of interests.

Griffin’s statements that he  “have been completely honest” are also not true. Griffin never mentioned how well-connected is his family in Cook County Court to IL voters.In my case Griffin started to lie me from the bench from day one; continued to lie during entire litigation; and fix my case in the most corrupt and unlawful manner.

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John C. Griffin is a lawyer from a well-connected family. John C. Griffin’s  father, James L. Griffin, was Cook County Court, Illinois Judge who was appointed a magistrate of the Circuit Court in 1971, became an associate judge and then a full judge in 1976. In 1946, he and his brother Joseph helped create the Chicago law firm Griffin & Gallagher, where he practiced until 1971, and where his brother and sons continue to practice. James L. Griffin  was active in Democratic politics, running unsuccessfully for the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor in  1956

John C. Griffin’s uncle Joseph Griffin, former commissioner of the court of claims and  Madigan’s Treasurer whom Mr. Madigan  trusted about $4 million in funds




John C. Griffin’s aunt  Helen Griffin  was a retired employee of the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, ( Henry Comerford) where she served for 25 years.

John C. Griffin is likely related to Joseph W. Griffin, former partner of  Hinshaw &Culbertson LLP, Chicago, IL; past President Illinois Society of Trial Lawyers; former Secretary Treasurer International Association of Insurance Counsel. Joseph W. Griffin was a father to  Farrel (wife Donna ), James,and Joseph. 

In 2008 Judge John C. Griffin was appointed to William Phelan vacancy. The same article mentioned that Griffin’s  generous donor   Judge Daniel J. Pierce  prior to having a solo practice,  “was an assistant state’s attorney in Cook County, legal counsel to the Cook County assessor and in private practice with Pierce, Webb, Lydon & Griffinwhose partners were Dan Webb (US AG, now Chair at Winston&Strawn LLP); Matthias Lydon (Winston&Strawn LLP) and Farrel (Tex) Griffin, who later founded  Griffin Trading Company which collapsed overnight .  Farrel Griffin was son of Joseph W. Griffin, partner to Hinshaw &Culbertson LLP

In March 2010 John Griffin in his interview to Tribune claimed that “I have been completely honest. I do not believe that my integrity has ever been questioned

This is not true. John C. Griffin started to deceive Illinois public even before he became a judge when Griffin’s Election Committee (his family members Carole and James B. Griffin) was sued by IL Board of Elections for withholding inkind contributions. Board v. Committee . As soon as John C. Griffin was transferred to Chancery Division, he was sued for violation of Due Process rights of defendants. Gregory v. Judge Griffin et al

In the same interview John Griffin said: “I would treat people equally, fairly and respectfully.” 

Once again, it was not true.  On July 17, 2015 Judge John C. Griffin personally advised that I cannot be fairly heard in his Court without being represented by a lawyer, which was another false statement (Judge Griffin started to lie from day one in my case how he “does not remember his election donors” where the largest one was himself with $31,695.98; his family and his law Firm (aka family)

Judge John C. Griffin only serves his parties of interests such as well-connected lawyers and insurance- backed Corporations. For example, in the similar case Hesser v. Riviera HOA, Kovitz Shirnin Nesbit, PC,(“KSN”) ect.  14-L-12093, plaintiff Frank Hesser left Judge Griffin’s Court with more that $64,000.00 in debt for  legal fees to his own lawyer, after  insurance-backed HOA ran Hesser out of funds repeatedly filing bogus Motions. Hesser v. Riviera HOA, Hesser v. KSN

Now I observe the same exhaustion  tactic  by River City HOA, Chicagoland Community Management and KSN lawyers in case 2017-L-000327, filed on 01/11/2017 by Michael Pyrchalla which is pending before Judge Griffin. Defendants who have at least of $1 million in litigation  insurance coverage  are represented by  Hinshaw &Culbertson LLP and repeatedly file numerous Motions, with sole intent to run Plaintiff our of funds to drop his claim. To compare, a similar case 2017-L-004512, filed 05/03/2017 Donahue v. Chicagoland Community Mgmt and 4800 N. Marine HOA  in Judge Ehrlich’s court was already settled. But Donahue hired Corboy &DeMetrio as  his lawyers.

Similarly, in very questionable “defamation” case filed by powerful Chicago Association of Realtors, Griffin allowed this case to proceed.    Chicago-Assoc-v.-Geller According to Griffin,the plaintiff is not required to prove its case at the pleading’s stage and merely needs to state sufficient facts – and ruled against Geller’s Motion to Dismiss.

But in my case, where I was  ProSe, Griffin tuned a blind eye to all facts which I supported by plentiful evidence and fixed my case in the most corrupt manner in favor of his parties of interests, which suggests that Judge Griffin received a substantial bribe, which was supported by my opponents’ own  words.

Below is my personal and very negative experience in Judge  Griffin’s Court .

Judge Griffin acting in excess of all jurisdiction, entered an Order where he dismissed my entire Fed case with prejudice, in the most corrupt manner in favor of well-connected defendants, specially Chicagoland Community Management, Inc. represented by  Hinshaw &Culbertson LLP with whom  Judge Griffin  has connections.

Judge Griffin verdicts were extremely one-sided in favor of the defendants. The Orders unjustly shun the entire factual basis of my case. The only result of judge Griffin’s  75-day period to decide the case was just to weight the pros and cons of committing blatant discrimination against a Pro Se plaintiff, which after several years in this Court came as no surprise to me.

All of the Opinions are substantially the same. Every tiny technical mistake committed by me  was grossly inflated. Judge Griffin  picked on a ProSe litigant for “deficiencies” not supported by the statutes, while applying every possible loophole in the law in favor of defendants and extracting the most favorable parts from legal precedents cited by Griffin to support his dismissal.

In fact, Judge Griffin did nothing but turn a blind to the lawyers’ malpractices. The lawyers in my  case have filed void appearances, favorably accepted by Judge Daniel J. Pierce, who was the first judge in my case and acted as a zealous advocate for my defendants, obtained Ex Parte judgements, demanded baseless Orders of protection, created a frivolous case that resulted a senseless consolidation, filed a frivolous eviction case to harass my  family; lied to judges, given conflicting testimonies, and lack any affirmative matters in defenses.

But this was totally ignored. Instead, all judge Griffin’s energy went into squashing the entirety of my case. His attempts to humiliate me by instructing how to hire a lawyer are especially offensive.

While as a Judge he has the duty to inform me  of available legal resources, he have absolutely no right to enter an Order directing me to use these resources when I previously refused to do so. This is an abuse of power and a gross violation of plaintiff’s  rights under 18 U.S.C 242 to appear in this Court as ProSe. I doubt if Chancery judges Flynn and Kinnaird in Cable Am. case, on which judge Griffin relied, humiliated plaintiff’s lawyers in the same way by entering an Order to direct Kindwail Law Offices, P.C. to take MCLE classes after they failed to fix their Complaint in Case 2003-CH-12160 after six attempts in 5 years.

I also doubt that a low-cost lawyer would force Judge Griffin to comply with his duties when he refuse to apply the law equally and  arbitrarily antagonize my  filings.

For example, Judge Griffin  blamed me  for attaching too much evidence to the complaint, such as correspondences, motions, bills, ect. Then on the next page he  blamed me  for NOT attaching enough evidence, claiming that I excluded a copy of the Declaration, which was “a fatal error.” But 5/2-606 does not state any limits on attaching or not attaching exhibits. Moreover, the plaintiff is not required to set forth evidence in the complaint. Section 2/5-606(b) provides that a copy of a contract “must be attached to the pleading as an exhibit or recited therein.” The word “recited” means “mentioned,” which was done in the body of the complaint. Then Judge Griffin  also argued that I cannot sue for theft and embezzlement in civil Court, but there have been a number of cases involving embezzlement claims heard in all Divisions of Cook County Court including but not limited to Continental Casualty v Hoffman, 2008-CH-03280. Griffin  failed to provide any explanation for why a corporation can sue for embezzlement in civil court and a Pro Se litigant prohibited from the same cause of action. Moreover, Cook County Chancery Division is specializing in Quiet Title Claims which are based on the Criminal Code 720 ILCS 5/32-13.

Judge Griffin  also argued that I “failed to state a claim or identify a cause of action” but then proceeded to analyze each of my  claims, which would de facto mean the judge actually were able to identify all claims. But no matter – it was his misinterpretation of the laws which would favor defendants vis-à-vis the claims.

Judge Griffin’s  decisions enable fraud and  invite anarchy. For instance, he said that I  was not able to prove breach of fiduciary duty because defendants acted in accordance with the “business judgement rule” when they fabricated non-exiting debts, rented my  property for personal gain, swamped me with bogus fees to keep possession as long as possible, and evaded taxes from profits.

Furthermore, Judge Griffin’s argument that the HOA, whose damages were ultimately resolved, can now breach the Declaration indefinitely due to my   one-time failure to pay two months of assessments in 2006, is also incorrect. By the same logic, if the HOA breached its duty once, which it has many times, then I, too, can refuse to comply with mine forever. Judge Griffin’s decision to disregard ALL of the wrongdoings of the HOA and their lawyers is not simply corrupt and blatantly unethical but a danger to all Americans who struggle with greedy HOAs and their predatory lawyers.

Case factual background.