Judge James P. Flannery, Jr. (Daley’s crony) Corruption

Circuit Court of Cook County Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans  announced  the appointment of Judge James P. Flannery, Jr. as Presiding Judge of the Law Division effective immediately. Judge Flannery,  fills the vacancy created by the retirement of Law Division Presiding Judge William D. Maddux who retired January 11, 2014.

Judge Flannery obtained his position through personal connections with former Mayor Daley’s family; his Treasurer Zigulich also supported Daley’s campaign.

As a judge James P. Flannery, Jr.  serves interest of his preferred parties,  trespass laws; deprives citizens from civil rights; acts on selective jurisdiction when Flannery flip/flop from lacking jurisdiction to having jurisdiction in less than 5 minutes,  during the same hearing in the same case, depend on which party asks. If ProSe, like myself, Judge Flannery lacks jurisdiction to hear my Motion. If a well-connected lawyer, like Michael Franz, Judge Flannery has jurisdiction to hear his Motion, ect.


James P. Flannery, Jr. was first appointed to the Circuit Court of Cook County as an associate judge in 1988 and elected a full circuit judge in 1990. He initially served in the Traffic Section of the First Municipal District until his assignment to the Fourth Municipal District in Maywood in 1989. In December 1992, he was assigned to the Criminal Division where he served until his assignment to the Law Division in 1997.

Judge Flannery is a past member of The Chicago Bar Association’s Board of Managers. Admitted the Illinois bar in 1976, Judge Flannery served as an assistant corporation counsel in the City of Chicago Law Department from 1976 to 1980. He was in private practice from 1980 to 1985 with the law firm of Murphy & Preston. In 1985, he was appointed an assistant Illinois attorney general, and he served as the chief deputy of the Land Acquisition Division in that office. Judge Flannery received his B.S in Mathematics from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in 1973 and his J.D. from The John Marshall Law School in 1976.

“I have selected Judge Flannery to lead one of the largest divisions in the Circuit Court of Cook County based on his superb record as a trial judge over his 25 years on the bench and his contributions to key committees aimed at improving the administration of justice,” said Chief Judge Evans. “I have the utmost confidence that he is the right person with the best ability to take the Law Division to its highest levels of performance and to its highest commitment to justice.” In reality, Judge James P. Flannery, Jr. has NO commitment to Justice; and  actively fix cases in favor of his parties of interests.

I have my personal and very negative experience in Judge  Flannery’s  court.

I first met Judge Flannery on April 1, 2014 when Judge Margaret Ann Brennan
ordered me to comply with Flannery’s Standing Order and reassign my case back to Law Division after my Appeal. “III. TRANSFER -IN CALL(10:30,Wednesday) Cases that are transferred to the Law Division from other divisions or districts;  Cases that are returned from the Appellate Court or Supreme Court”
It was the first and the last time when Judge James P. Flannery, Jr. complied with any laws and rules in my case.
 Summary of the case. On May 25, 2012 I filed a Law Division case against a predatory HOA, its management Company and its lawyers, where I was  as a PROSE plaintiff running  7 well-connected law Firms, including Law Firm Hinshaw &Culbertson LLP (who have at least 5 personal Judges in Cook County Court); Karbell Cohen, Economou, Silk&Dunne, LLC; O’Hagan LLC; Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman LLP; Elenius Frost &Walsh; Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit PC.; and Dickler, Kahn, Slowikowski & Zavell, Ltd – all represented by at least one top partner and an associate; and backed by $1 million litigation fund provided by CNA’s liability insurance purchased with my assessments money. I covered  this litigation with my own moneys.
So, I had a  total force at least 14 well-connected, experienced  lawyers with literally unlimited pool of free for them funds ,  to battle as ProSe with a very limited budget.
But my main and most aggressive  adversaries during the entire proceeding were JUDGES – Judge Daniel J. Pierce; Judge James P. Flannery, Jr.; Judge Thomas L. Hogan; Judge Margaret Ann BrennanJudge Irwin Solganick; and  Judge John C. Griffin – who did anything in their power to derail me from my case; committed fraud upon the Court;  acted in excess of all jurisdictions; trespassed all applicable laws and rules of ethics; granted motions behind my back, from their chambers; verbally and financially abused and harassed me, trying to put me under extreme stress, so I could give up; relentlessly lied to me from the bench, concealed their personal connections and substantial amounts of money received from  my opponents; provided full support to my opposing parties well-connected lawyers, regardless of how many rules they violated, and fixed my case for a bribe (Judge John C. Griffin) while my case was under Appeal Court jurisdiction.

In the severely plagued by corruption Cook County Court,  Judges fix cases for their parties of interests in violation of all applicable laws and acting in excess of all jurisdiction – with total impunity, specially in ProSe litigants cases.

Judge James P. Flannery, Jr.  also perpetrated fraud on the court, trespassed all applicable laws and acted with  reckless disregard of my Constitutional rights.  This willfulness is inextricably related to, but exceeds mere error.

In 2006 I failed two month behind on my assessments due to bank’s lie about my “fixed adjustable rate”, which grow the next month after closing and added about $100.00 to my monthly payments. I offered HOA to repay my dues through a payment plan, but they refused. To the contrary, HOA promptly used my breach for their advantage, swamped me with a mountain of additional bogus fees, including an  extra month for assessments (I got possession on Feb 1 2006, but HOA charged me from Jan 1, 2006). On May 1, 2006 HOA claimed $1,481.12 in “debt”. I objected, but it had the same effect if I would tell thugs on the street that they have no right to take my wallet. My assessments were $282.04 and I made all payments except two months, so I would not “owe” more than $714.00 including $75.00 late fees. HOA was able to obtain a favorable judgement and my unit was rented from Dec. 1 2006 for $900.00 to a bona fide tenant. All this time lawyers advised HOA Board and its managers to avoid any communication with me. On October 23, 2007 HOA filed a second collection case, where they stated that I “owe” $7,442 from January 1, 2006, and all payments were credited (bear to repeat, the unit was in possession of HOA and gainfully rented). During all this time HOA, its managers and lawyers tirelessly applied all possible fees and charges, in violation of the Declaration. On Oct 1, 2011, after 5 years of consecutive rent, my existing debt to HOA was. $3,614.35 or almost twice  than in 2006!!!

I was out of remedies and had to  I proceed with the Court action.  My complaint has 18 counts and 65 defendants where I am a ProSe whose native language is not English.  I was given: 21 day to file 1AC, accompanied by judge Pierce threats with sanctions for suing lawyers; and off-color comments on my national origin each time I appeared in his Court (he was the first of 3 judges on this case, all of them have personal connections and acted with bias to ProSe); 20 days to file 2AC, interrupted by numerous demands for TRO and 1 bogus defamation case filed by one of my Defendants; 4 days to file 3AC just to replace one wrong Defendant; 21 day to respond 8 motions to dismiss (2.4 days per motion); 35 days to file 4AC AFTER my case was consolidated over my objections** (so, it was basically the 1st Complaint in the new case) and 49 days to respond to 9 briefs: 8 motions and 1 answer, or 5.4 days per motion.

The first judge in my case was Daniel Pierce, who very was very  likely connected with the subsequent  judges, Margaret Ann Brennan and John C. Griffin. The second was Judge Margaret Ann Brennan, who acted bias against me from day one.  On or about April 9, 2013 I filed interlocutory Appeal contesting Judge Brennan’s order where she demanded me to reserve over 60 Corporate officers who were properly served by Sheriffs. This Appeal was concluded in March 2014; and I brought it back to Judge Brennan’s Court.

Judge Brennan demanded me to file a Motion with Judge James P. Flannery, Jr. as required by his Standing Order, which  only applied to me, as ProSe. My opponents’ well-connected  lawyers were never ordered to comply with any laws or any Rules of this Court – with full support from Judges.

So, on April 1, 2014 Judge Flannery reassigned my case back to Law Division.

My Defendants’ lawyers were confident in unconditional support from judges; and on July 15, 2014  attorney Michael T. Franz filed a malicious “defamation” case against me in Chancery division. Complaint filed by Mr. Franz is entirely based on false, unfounded statements is simply a retaliation against me by Chicagoland Community Management (“CCM”).; and demanded a Temporary Restraining Order against me, on emergency basis. My opponents knew that their legal harassment  tactic was always supported by Judge Margaret Ann Brennan who granted about 10 baseless TRO’s in her Court; and he  decided to use the same gamble in Chancery case.

However, Chancery Judge Rita Novak refused to grant lawyer Michael Franz’ (from Sanchez Daniels &Hoffman LLC) Motion; and I proceeded with a Counterclaim.

Franz, who was supported by H&C associate Bonsall,  was  unable to prove any of his claims, filed a Motion to Strike my Answer and Affirmative Defenses in Chancery, which is unlikely to be granted by independent and impartial  Judge Rita Novak.

So,  Franz and Bonsall  desperately needed to walk away from filing a frivolous case; and, knowing Judge Brennan’s lenience to well-connected lawyers, expected her to promptly  dismiss both cases on October 9, 2014 hearing.

Time was essential, and in a span of less than 30 days lawyer Franz deceived 6 Judges in two Divisions,  trying to obtain a consolidation.

On September 29th Franz scheduled a hearing with Presiding Judge Jacobius asking for permission to consolidate his malicious Chancery case with my fraud-RICO claim in Law Division, where I am a Plaintiff. Honorable Jacobius was not available that day and the hearing was re-scheduled for October 15th. Mr. Franz, knowing that Honorable Jacobius is aware of his personal involvement as CCM’s predatory collection mill attorney, decided to gamble in the Law Division.

Franz desperately hopes get a favorable forum in the last minute hearing, so he requested in Judge Flannery’s courtroom 2005  for October 1, 2014. Of course, this came with very short Notice to me, as usual. Franz repetitive demands to consolidate a defamation case filed in Chancery division against me, as a Defendant, with my claim in Law Division, where I am a Plaintiff, are merely ill-conceived attempts to avoid personal liability for exploitation of the US Court system. Facts and laws in the Chancery Division case filed by CCM’s lawyer Michael Franz on July 15, 2014 are absolutely different and do not share a common core of facts and law with either of my Law Division claims. Complaint filed by Mr. Franz is entirely based on false, unfounded statements. On the contrary, I have abundant evidence and witnesses to support my defense. The Chancery case is simply a malicious retaliation against me by CCM and Franz. Thus, these cases must not be consolidated. In addition, consolidation will not enhance judicial resolution of these matters. It can only prompt confusion, substantially complicate my existing Law Division case, and severely enhance burden and expenses on all parties because it will cause additional delays and prejudice.  Plaintiff and its lawyers demand to consolidate is motivated not by a bona fide desire to adjudicate their claim, but by the improper strategic goals of CCM.

Judge James P. Flannery, Jr  was not present at the Courtroom 2005 on October 1, 2014, as well as two other Judges who shared Room 2005 – Axelrood and McGing;  and his  stead was taken by Judge Thomas Hogan who acted as Presiding Judge on Flannery’s behalf – while Flannery was perfectly aware about Judge Thomas Hogan’s ulterior motives (he needed more donors for upcoming Appeal Court election); and personal connections with Hinshaw &Culbertson’s lawyers.

Judge Hogan, who received at least $4,550.00 from Hinshaw &Culbertson, not disclosed to me,  instantly granted CCM and its lawyers demand for consolidation, despite to my objections and disclosures about pending appeals in my case.

hogan contr

Judge Hogan insisted that Chancery case must be consolidated with Law Division and instructed lawyers to present his decision before Honorable Brennan at October 9, 2014 hearing on their Motions to Dismiss, after lawyer Frank deceived the Judge that my Appeals lacks validity because I didn’t asked a Leave from the Circuit Court. Judge Hogan knew or must have reason to know that IL Supr. Ct. R. 307 provides to file Appeals by Right, without lower court permission. Moreover, early appeals under Rule 307 are specifically designed to establish “status quo” between the parties and avoid  procedural mistakes to avoid the possibility of trying a case more than once.

Another Judge Hogan’s argument to favor consolidation was my inability to obtain a Jury trial in Chancery department. This is simply a lie. Honorable Hogan knew or had reason to know that Jury Trial is guaranteed to me by IL Constitution, in all divisions. Only foreclosure defendants need to take certain affirmative steps to request a trial by Jury, but not civil cases litigant.

A quick background check revealed why Judge Hogan was lawyer Franz’s pick. Judge Thomas Hogan is a publicly known corrupt Judge. In 2010, when running for Appeal Court, Thomas Hogan lost. I suspect Hogan is waiting for the next election round. To favor a cohort of donors for a future campaign, such as law firms Franz’s, Hinshaw & Culbertsons, LLP; O’Hagan, LLC; Karbal Cohen Economou Silk Dunne and Elenius Frost &Walsh, who represent Defendants in my case, by one Order, Hogan on October 1, 2014  had an episode of amnesia about basic rules of procedural law in my case. He forgot how appeal, jury trial and jurisdiction works; and  the basic rules of procedural law in my case.  It was a stunning display.

The day before our hearing lawyer Franz, aware of Hogan’s bouts of sudden memory loss when election funding is involved, must have triggered an episode. Franz carried a printed letter into Hogan’s office that reminded him  to forget jurisprudence on October 1st. It was a pre-printed Order with a favorable decision for him. Dated September 30th, the letter for Order for our October 1st Hearing was actually at the top of Hogan’s  Court documents during the case.  So Franz clearly helped make our hearing’s decision for Hogan, which for him  meant a hefty donation but for any person with common sense is first degree corruption.

Hogan was not the only one who suffered an episode of amnesia on October 1st. Franz had it, too. He altered Hogan’s ruling to make it more suitable for his clients, forgetting to add your instructions that the decision was made “over Plaintiff’s objections.” Plus it was he who stupidly printed the Order with the September 30th letterhead, which just shows that Judges in Cook County can be bought but brains cannot.

I am sure Hogan  recovered from his episode of amnesia, or at least when he hears the arguments for litigants represented by law firms that contribute donations to him. It’s pretty clear that Judge Hogan’s court operates not on law but on the system of “reciprocity”. On January 29, 201 The Chicago Tribune reported that “the state’s personal injury lawyers are fueling campaigns with their contributions, dropping tens of thousands dollars on Appellate Court candidate Thomas Hogan” and “Thousands of dollars have found their way from the checking accounts of asbestos lawyers […] to the campaign bank accounts of Hogan and Epstein.” Judge Hogan is a Government’s employee on taxpayer funded payroll. He has obligations to me, a ProSe litigant, as he does to an attorney. I may not contribute to his campaign, but I pay for his medical bills and I demand he get that amnesia checked out immediately. I also suggested Judge  Flannery to offer Judge Hogan a long-term break from his duty, at his own expense. Soon Judge Hogan  left the Court.

I demanded Flannery  to revoke and null Order entered by Judge Hogan on October 1, 2014. While this Order was originally void, dishonest lawyers have personal interest to use it against me as I am absolutely sure that they will appear on October 9, 2014 before Judge Brennan and deceive her about the outcome of October 1st  hearing.

Flannery instantly denied my Motion. I filed another Motion, to sever my case from Chancery Case and return it back to Chancery. Flannery passed my Motion to Judge Irwin Solganick, who took Flannery’s stead at the last moment; and denied my Motion without even reading it. I was our of remedies and on November 17, 2014 filed Appeals in both cases.

In the meanwhile, on  October 8, 2014 I filed Motion to Substitute Judge Brennan from my case; and it went to Judge John C. Griffin, who concealed his personal connections with the first judge in my case, Daniel J. Pierce and with my Defendants’ lawyers; and started to lie from day one telling that he “does not even remember” his election donors – where the largest was himself.

On July 1, 2015 Judge Griffin, actin in excess of all jurisdiction and violation of applicable laws, entered an extremely one-sided decision where he dismissed my case with prejudice because I was not able to establish ANY facts which entitle me for relief. I was not even able to prove HOW my property manager owes me fiduciary duties…

Moreover, Judge Griffin ruled that I cannot be fairly heard in his Court without hiring a lawyer, which was clearly a personal bias and prejudice against me. I highly suspect that Judge Griffin received a substantial bribe for helping my defendants, and it was proven by Hinshaw &Culbertson’s words, claiming that their clients spent substantial amounts of money to DISMISS my case.

Since Griffin acted obviously bias and corrupt, and  I have rights to at least TWO substitutions of Judges – one by right; and one by cause, I filed a petitions for Change of  Judge John C. Griffin for Cause as provided for by 735 ILCS 5/2-1001(a)(3).

The Petition was scheduled before Judge Flannery, who at the hearing passed my Petition to another Judge in his Court, Patrick J. Sherlock.(This is Flannery’s modus operandi and a passively aggressive intimidation tactic  in my case – he  passed my Motions to other judges, and later refuse to vacate their bogus orders)

Judge Sherlock, who never heard about my case  and never had a courtesy copies of my Motion to Substitute, had a busy Jury Trial the same day when Flannery transferred him my Motion – his room was filled with attorneys, court reporters, and PowerPoint equipment. In the midst of this,  my  Petition to Substitute the Judge for a Cause was heard in under 5 minutes and instantly denied, with the conclusion that if a judge incorrectly applied the law, this is not a ground for recusal by cause. I doubt that Judge Sherlock had sufficient time to review and evaluate my  allegations, where I clearly explained that Judge Griffin has not only “incorrectly applied the law” but intentionally deprived me  of numerous fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States when he openly informed me that I cannot expect a fair hearing in his court without a lawyer; and misrepresented numerous case law and statutes in the way most favorable for Defendants.

Since I did not plan to hire any lawyers, I will never have just, non-discriminatory treatment in Judge Griffin’s Court, which was later proven by Judge Griffin and Defendants’ lawyers many times AFTER the hearing on August 17th.

Before the ink dried on Sherlock’s August 17, 2015 Order, judge  John C. Griffin immediately accepted an Emergency Hearing with Defendant’s Attorney Michael T. Franz, which was done in violation of Griffin’s own Standing Order from November 8, 2014 that prohibited Emergency Hearings demanded without TRUE emergency. This Emergency Demand was filed on August 18th by lawyer Franz in CHANCERY Division in Chancery Case and , presented on August 19th before LAW Division Judge Griffin; and was in response to Fedorova’s service of process by mail in a DIFFERENT CHANCERY Case for Declaratory Judgement, which was filed on August 5, 2015 in the Chancery Division, scheduled for December 03, 2015 before Judge Flynn.

During the August 17th hearing, lawyer Michael Franz representing CCM, VERBALLY informed me  that there is another hearing scheduled before Judge Griffin for the next day (August 18th). Franz DID NOT give me  ANY Motions or Notices about this purported hearing, as required by IL Supr. Ct. R. 11. The Court docket had ABSOLUTELY NO INDICATION that Franz actually FILED any motions. Nevertheless, Judge Griffin accepted lawyer Franz’s verbal demand and conducted the August 18th EMERGENCY hearing in violation of the statute. On August 18th 2015, or the SAME DAY when emergency hearing on case 14-CH-11573 status was held without due Notices to me, lawyer Michael Franz also filed an Emergency Motion to Show Cause in Case to hold me  in contempt with Judge Griffin’s Temporary Restraining Order from October 16, 2014 hearing in LAW Division case filed by ME.

Clearly, Judge Griffin had absolutely no jurisdiction over Chancery case pending before Judge Flynn. Appearing once more before Judge Griffin on August 19, 2015, lawyer Franz again presented his frivolous demand to stop  communication in ANY WAY with her defendants, whom she served on August 5, 2015 by mail as she is legally entitled to do. (To note, lawyer Franz misrepresented this mailing to Judge Griffin as Fedorova’s “communication” in LAW Division case, which was not true because his Motion was filed in HIS Chancery Defamation case) Judge Griffin, in violation of his own Standing Order and IL Supr. Ct. R. 11, favorably ACCEPTED Emergency Hearing on August 19th and approved that it be CONTINUED TO August 21, 2015. On August 21, 2015, Judge Griffin conducted a SECOND unwarranted Emergency Hearing, in my  absence as had been done on August 18th, 19th and 21st, and ordered me to file a Response by September 3, 2015 to the Motion which was filed in Chancery Division, and attend a hearing in Law Division on Sept. 9, 2015 in CHANCERY case, , scheduled in the CHANCERY case which is as of today is still under Chancery Division Jurisdiction.

Judge Flannery was perfectly aware of Judge Griffin’s malpractices and manipulations with Chancery cases in Law Division where Griffin lacked all jurisdiction, since I personally complained to him about it. .


But when I filed for rehearing on my Petition to Substitute Griffin from my case; so it can be heard by another Judge,  Judge Flannery AGAIN passed my Petition to Recuse Griffin  to  Judge Irwin Solganick; who announced that he is NOT going to hear my Petition to Substitute Judge Griffin because he…already heard it (??!!);  and due to his conflicts of interest with me. According to Soganick, he was  going to sue me for defamation after I disclosed his Sulski-Soganick Stunt with judicial election – which was published by all major newsletters many times. Solganick passed my Petition back to Judge Flannery (which cost me another day in the Court, but nobody counts  how much ProSe litigants time worth)

When my Petition was finally handled by Judge Flannery, he instantly denied it , based on  Judge Sherlock’s ruling (bear to repeat, Sherlock DID NOT even reviewed my Petition since it came to his Court about 15 minutes before his own Jury Trial).

Judge Flannery, acting corrupt and lenient to my opponents, deprived me from  Constitutional Due Process rights to be heard on merits by an independent Judge; trespassed 735 ILCS 5/2-1001(a)(3).; and returned my case back to corrupt Judge Griffin, who of course denied my Motion to Reconsider his bought by my Defendants verdict, while lied against that he does not know who are his election donors.

During entire litigation my Defendants, confident in judicial support, relentlessly harassed me with bogus Motions for TRO and frivolous law cases, which targeted not only myself, but also my family members. On October 20, 2014 (or the same day when I had to file my Motions in Opposition to Motions to Dismiss, my opponents, HOA and Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit lawyers filed a frivolous eviction case against my daughter who NEVER LIVED on the premised from which she was evicted. Moreover, at the time of this litigation she was attending a college in another State, more than 2000 miles from Chicago.  I had to spend substantial amount of time, nerves and money to proceed with this case, interrupt my daughter’s study (for which I paid) – just to bring her to Chicago and testify.

Despite my objections,  judges Griffin and Flannery never tried to stop harassment and abused committed against me by defendants, to the contrary, Griffin and Flannery supported them.

I was out of remedies; and filed another Chancery Case, now against HOAs who employed my Defendants as their managers and lawyers; asking for injunction against abuses.  This case was assigned to Chancery Judge Flynn, later moved to Judge Pantle  (who is publicly known for her bias conduct against ProSe parties). My opponents instantly started their gamble with demands for TRO’s (granted by Pantle) and moved to consolidate their OLD Chancery case, still pending before Judge Griffin, with my NEW Chancery case, handled by Judge Pantle.

According to Cook County Court Rules, a newer case must be assigned to the older case, not vice versa.  When lawyers Franz and Bonsall presented their Motion to  consolidate their frivolous “defamation” Chancery cases with my new proceeding, Law Division Judge Flannery instantly granted  it.

Judge Flannery completely ignored my direct questions; used all possible judicial trickery and deception   and refused to provide me ANY answer to my direct questions – based on which law and authority he, the Law Division Judge,  consolidated these two Chancery cases.

Judge Flannery said that he HAS NOT jurisdiction to hear my Motion to Prove his Jurisdiction in case 14-CH-11573 because it was consolidated with Case 15-CH-11727, and forwarded my Motion in case 14-CH-11573 for  hearing by Judge Cohen who is presiding over case 15-CH-11727 after I filed for  a substitution of Judge Pantle.

When I demanded validity of Flannery’s orders, including validity his Order on consolidation case 14-CH-11573 with 15-CH-1172, judge Flannery  failed to respond and resorted to off-color statements on my national origin and said  that maybe here are  LANGUAGE DIFFICULTIES, clearly pointing that since I am not a native English speaker, it is hard for me  to understand charades played by judge Flannery with CCM lawyers Michael Franz and Hinshaw &Culbertson associate Leigh Bonsall.

Lawyer Franz tried to extort from Flannery $2,000 in sanctions against me and claimed that my Motion to Prove jurisdiction is “absurd”; and that I “misrepresented the law and made misleading statements” about Judge Flannery violations of Canons of Judicial Ethics and his trespasses of the law, which I listed very clearly in my Motion, unlike Mr. Franz’s empty  defamatory accusations – since corrupt lawyer Franz was unable to respond to my question which exact law I misrepresented”

Judge Flannery immediately obtained jurisdiction in this case and suggested Franz to bring his Motion for consideration (of course, favorable for lawyer Franz)

Based on my overview James P. Flannery  complete lack of integrity or elementary shame, his continuous trespasses of the law and higher Court authority;  and his repetitive refusal to prove his jurisdiction, I assume that the bribe to fix my case was really substantial as my defendant said.