Judge Jack J. Hagerty: Misled Illinois public and paid $16,100 to convicted in bribes Ald. Isaak Carothers

Jack J. Hagerty is a well-connected jurist whose family is heavily involved in medical insurance and financial businesses. Jack Hagerty  a  Democratic candidate for the Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois. Hagerty is running in the general election on November 6, 2018. where he invested in his campaign  $297,600.00 from the personal funds; and got $60,600.00 from Denise Hagerty (likely his wife). Jack Hagerty campaign expenses included $41,250.00 payment to IL Democratic Party (aka Mr. Madigan ); and $16,100.00 to convicted in bribes Isaak Carothers who operates an  unregistered in Illinois Company “Senior Wizdom Consulting”  from his home, apparently without any business licenses or tax IDs while offers some questionable “consulting” for elections.




In his  interview with Chicago Tribune, Jack Hagerty  claimed that he does NOT have any past political or civic experience. Jack Hagerty Questionnaire

This is not true. During many years Jack Hagerty was actively involved in  political and civic activities.

In 2005 Jack Hagerty was running for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District.


He received a substantial financial support from his family members, Denise M. Hagerty (Director for AMA Insurance Agency and Chief Financial Officer for American Medical Association); and Thomas Hagerty, CEO for Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P. is an American private equity firm specializing in leveraged buyouts, growth capital, special situations, industry consolidations, and recapitalizations. (Thomas H. Lee Partners is also known for its leveraged buyout acquisition in 2004 of Refco, a financial services company specializing in commodities and futures contracts, which collapsed suddenly in October 2005, only months after its IPO. Refco’s collapse cost investors more than $1 billion sparking multiple suits for negligence against the firm.) Prior to joining Thomas H. Lee Partners, Mr. Hagerty worked in the Mergers and Acquisitions Department of scandals-fraud plagued Morgan Stanley & Co.


Clearly, both organizations would greatly benefit from having a loyal and reliable Judge in Cook County Court.

Jack Hagerty for many years  was serving as a Treasurer for  political and judicial campaigns.


Obviously, Jack Hagerty  HAS an extensive political and civic experience but decided to mislead Illinois public about his personal connections with IL politicians and other Judges. Moreover, according to Jack Hagerty’s own words, he often represented Judges before Judicial Inquiry Board. This is probably why rampant  judicial corruption in IL Court system is so rarely prosecuted.

In the same interview with Tribune Jack Hagerty mentioned his role as a lead counsel for the City of Chicago in a constitutional challenge brought by the Builder’s Association of Greater Chicago against the City’s Minority and Women Owned Business Ordinance in Construction; and emphasized his involvement in community.

However,  cases listed on Jack Hagerty’s election website did not even mentioned this case. To the contrary, cases listed by Jack Hagerty involved wealthy corporations, like insurance and construction companies.

For example, in Paul H. Schwendener, Inc. v. LARRABEE COMMONS, 787 N.E.2d 192 (Ill. App. Ct. 2003), Jack Hagerty along with Ungaretti & Harris, (J. Timothy Eaton, who started his career as a law clerk to Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Joseph H. Goldenhersh); and  Shefsky & Froelich (Brian J. Crowe, Jack Hagerty and now- Judge Patricia S. Spratt represented Appellant. Worth to mention, before her assignment to judicial seat after she lost her election in 2014, Patrica Spratt  was  a long-time secretary  for Judge William J. Bauer, a Senior Judge of Federal Court of Appeals (now she is his wife)

Despite Jack Hagerty’s claims about his extensive involvement into our community, I did not find any average people who contributed into his judicial election campaign.

All Jack Hagerty’s donors are wealthy and well-connected lawyers and corporations, in other words parties of interests who expect favorable services from Judge Hagerty.

I am absolutely confident that as ProSe I will never find justice in clout-heavy Judge Jack Hagerty’s Court who will be serving those who belong to his sphere of personal interests.

Moreover, it appears that Jack Hagerty is physically unfit to be a judge; and his desire to obtain a judicial job only serves his personal interests.

In his interview with Tribune (above) Jack Hagerty said:

A little more than 3 years ago, I suffered a spinal cord injury and was paralyzed from the neck down. I promised myself that if I was fortunate enough to make a significant recovery that I would run for the Circuit Court. Although I was given little chance of a significant recovery, I have made incredible strides with the help and support of my doctors, therapists, family and friends. What happened to me and my family will inform my decision-making.”
In other words, during last three years Jack Hagerty was seriously disabled and  spent very substantial amounts of money on doctors and therapists – and not everything is covered by his medical insurance. Likely he has tons of medical bills.
Judicial job will guarantee him nearly free health insurance; steady income  and a handsome pension since I doubt if under Jack Hagerty’s health condition  (paralyzed from the neck down and did not make a significant recovery) he can continue to successfully practice as a lawyer.