Judge Elizabeth Karkula Corruption

The Illinois Supreme Court appointed Elizabeth A. Karkula, wife of Judge Paul Karkula,  to the countywide vacancy created by the recent passing of Judge Jean M. Prendergast Rooney, after Elizabeth and her husband,  once a Republican lawyer Paul Karkula lost their elections in 1998; and both had  rating “Not Recommended”  by Chicago Counsil of Lawyers.

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The appointment is effective January 19, 2016 and will terminate on December 3, 2018.

According to public comments,on January 18, 2016  Anonymous said… “I believe Liz Karkula practiced at the distinguished law firm of Edward Vrdolyak. I also believe that Mr. Vrdolyak raised considerable campaign contributions for Supreme Court Judge Charles Freeman. But that has nothing to do with her appointment. Absolutely nothing. Shame on me for mentioning it. So, yeah, her qualifications are meritorious“. Anonymous said… “Yes, she is married to the judge. Her husband is also a former associate of Vrdolyak.”

On December 15, 2016 Anonymous said...”Jean Prendergast Rooney — appointee, Elizabeth KARKULA (yes, she is married to her judge colleague, Paul Karkula who will likely do a last-second retirement so that she can file for it and try to avoid all of the challengers who like her (his) last name)



On January 18, 2018 the Cook County Electoral Board removed Judge Elizabeth A. Karkula from the March 20 primary ballot.  The Board adopted Hearing Officer Christopher J. Argrella’s recommended decision sustaining objections to 1,856 of the 2,687 total signatures filed with Karkula’s nominating petitions, leaving her with 169 signatures less than the 1,000 required. (in other words, most Petitions were forged)



Elizabeth and Paul Karkula started their careers as lawyers for Edward Vdrolyak, one of the most corrupt Chicago politicians who in 2011 served 10-month sentence in a kickback scheme after his 2009 guilty plea for arranging a $1.5 million kickback in a crooked real estate deal.  Vrdolyak infamously earned the nickname “Fast Eddie” in his years as a wheeler and dealer on Chicago City Council. In 2016 for the second time in the past decade, Vrdolyak has been indicted on charges of using his influence to shoehorn his way into a big-money deal and turn a handsome profit for himself and his connected friends in spite of doing little or no work.  Vrdolyak muscled in on one of the biggest bonanzas of them all — the record $9.2 billion settlement with the tobacco companies from the late 1990s. Prosecutors charged that Vrdolyak worked out a secret deal with other attorneys to collect as much as $65 million even though he’d done no work on the tobacco case. The indictment did not make clear just how much the former alderman actually pocketed.

Based on her own words, Karkula feels she can do things her own way because she has paid her dues.[.] “If I can use my appearance in a subliminal way, I will,” Karkula says without blinking. “They look at me and think I won’t know anything, act patronizing, and then we get into court and I rip them to shreds.” August 30, 1998.

On February 20, 1998 Paul and Elizabeth Karkula created a “Joint Committee to Elect Paul and Elizabeth Karkula” for Judges. Both failed their election efforts. Paul, seeking to fill a vacancy, finished last in a Democratic field of seven with 18,240 votes. Elizabeth finished 11th in a 13-person Democratic field to fill another vacancy. She got 17,216 votes.

On March 3, 1998 both Paul and Elizabeth Karkula were “NOT RECOMMENDED” by Chicago Counsil of Lawyers.

In 1988 Paul Karkula  had made another  unsuccessful run for judge, so in March 1998 it was his SECOND  election fiasco.


In 2000 Paul Karkula obtained an interim Appointment as a Judge . His Chairman was a well-connected Judge Edward Marsalek, whose daughter Judge Diann K. Marsalek  lost 5 elections, but was appointed by IL Supreme Court and  currently sitting as a judge in Cook County Municipal Division because they are generous donors to IL Democratic party.

Elizabeth and Paul Karkula also donated substantial amounts of money not only to himself to get elected, (nearly $27,000.00) but also to IL Democratic Party, (at least 15,607.00) Committee for Retention of Judges (at least $1,800.00) and Friends of Lisa Madigan, whose father Michael Madigan often stack IL benches with his cronies through so-called “Madigan’s List”


In 2012 Paul August Karkula purportedly retired as a judge, but as of today he is still sitting in Room 1702, Daley Center, 50 W. Washington St, Chicago IL 60602

Candidacies: Paul Karkula
Election Race type Outcome
2012 General Election retired
2000 General Primary open seat
2000 General Election open seat
1998 General Primary open seat lost
1991 Consolidated Primary challenger

On December 15, 2016 a blogger on lawyer Leyhane’s website stated that Paul Karkula “will likely do last-second retirement so she can file for it and try to avoid all of the challengers who like her (his) last name”.


While it is not clear HOW Paul Karkula came back to the bench after his FIRST retirement in 2012 (here is no information on his second election except a new Committee which does not show any activity), but it appears that he plans to pass his judicial seat to his wife and leave all competitors behind, while Illinois well-known “judge makers” will collect handsome $100,000.00 +++ from hundreds other applicants for judicial positions, who will never have a chance to be a judge. This basic “bait and switch” tactic helps to support budgets of certain Families&Friends in Illinois who are responsible for judicial selections.

On August 30, 1998 Nancy Millman published  that “Elizabeth Karkula, who works as a sole practitioner and in association with another lawyer, has a style that is aggressively feminine. Karkula, 36, feels she can do things her own way because she has paid her dues.” “If I can use my appearance in a subliminal way, I will,” Karkula says without blinking. “They look at me and think I won’t know anything, act patronizing, and then we get into court and I rip them to shreds.” But Karkula’s style is nonconformist, to say the least.”


In other words, Elizabeth Karkula thinks she can do anything as she wants; uses deception to achieve desirable results;  and refuse to follow any rules.

When Elizabeth Karkula was running for a Judge in 2018, she made following statements to the voters: “I am running because we need good judges.  I have been on the Bench since January of 2016 and I believe my legal endeavors, combined with my judicial experience, make me well qualified to serve as a Judge“. This is not true because she was not even recommended for election and obtained assignment in corrupt manner.

I served as the legal representative for the Union  and its members before the National Labor Relations Board, Equal Opportunity Commission and for matters before state and federal courts.   My legal experience includes creating a consolidated corporate structure for a client with diverse manufacturing operations, plants, and customers to optimize synergies across business units and processes, while minimizing existing and potential liabilities.  I designed and executed estate tax long –term plans for adult parents no longer able to live or function independently.  I have represented corporate clients in litigation and dispute management and regulatory issues within the US, Europe, India, China, South America, and Australia. I conducted negotiations with private parties, class action parties, and worked effectively with the US Department of Justice, Environmental Protection Division; the Environmental Protection Agency and various state and local government agencies. ” This is also not true.  Most of her legal career Elizabeth Karkula spent working as a Corporate Counselor either for a chemical company or ILLINOIS STATE BAR ASSOCIATION . It appears that the  most of her time  Karkula was pushing  legal paperwork for GENOVIQUE SPECIALTIES HOLDINGS CORPORATION (formerly VELSICOL CHEMICAL HOLDINGS CORPORATION) and ISBA. So, her brags about “ rip [her opponents in court]  to shreds” look  exaggerated. Successful trial lawyers usually  rarely work full time as a Corporate Law Departments Council in ISBA, after spending 8 years in a private practice.  It is usually chosen by less successful lawyers who want a  steady paycheck.elizabeth-karkula-resume

As a Judge, I am very conscious of my experiences and I endeavor to always treat each litigant with the attention and respect that each has a right to expect and which each litigant deserves”. This is not true. I have personal experience in Judge Elizabeth Karkula’s Court and can confirm that she trespass rules; serves her parties of inters; and deprive ProSe litigants from civil rights and fair hearings on merits.

Worth to mention, Karkula’s  Chairman for election was Todd A. Smith, Partner at Powers, Roger and Smith. Committee members are Robert J. Bingle,  Corboy & Demetrio, Steven  K. Jambois, Partner  at Kralovec Jambois and Schwartz, where Judge Elizabeth Karkula’s daughter Alexis Karkula works (its very convenient for any lawyer to have both parents sitting as judges)- or the same lawyers who donated hundreds of thousands dollars to put their hand-picked candidates to the bench.


Kralovec Jambois and Schwartz of-counsel is  Judge Maddux of the Circuit Court of Cook County Law Division. In 1979 he practiced as “William D. Maddux & Associates” (now “Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz”).


In 1991, he was appointed to the Circuit Court of Cook County. From October 2001 until his retirement on January 11, 2014, he served as the Presiding Judge of the Law Division in the Circuit Court of Cook County. In that capacity, he supervised nearly sixty judges in the Law Division. He is a member of the American College of Trial Lawyers, Society of Trial Lawyers, American Bar Association, Illinois State Bar Association, and the Chicago Bar Association/

According to numerous public records,  “Maddox runs his division as a criminal enterprise, denying First Amendment Right to Redress of Grievances, to indigent plaintiffs, if he doesn’t like you, thinks you sue too much, or if you have filed suit against corrupt officials in Cook County or the State of Illinois. He uses the Sheriff’s office as a goon squad to harass and falsely arrest those that complain about his scheme and unconstitutional conduct. He should be impeached.

As of today, Maddox regularly helps his cronies to obtain judicial seats in IL Court system.