Judge Diann K. Marsalek Corruption

In 2011 The Illinois Supreme Court has appointed Diann K. Marsalek, daughter of a well-connected Judge Edward H. Marsalek*,  to the countywide vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Margaret O’Mara Frossard, after Diann Marsalek  lost FIVE (5)  judicial elections in 1994, 1996, 2007, 2008  and 2010; and was “Not Qualified” by Chicago Counsil of lawyers in February 2012.

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Worth to mention, Judge Margaret O’Mara Frossard was an APPEAL Court Justice since 1997. How her lower Court seat remained  vacant for 14 years to be available in 2011  for a chronic elections loser Diann  Marsalek  is unclear.




The appointment is effective Monday, October 3, and will terminate December 3, 2012.

Marsalek was a candidate for the countywide Bronstein vacancy in the 2010 primary, which she lost.

She ran in the 8th Subcircuit in 1994 and 1996 and was a finalist for Associate Judge in February 2007 and August 2008 – and apparently lost again.

Marsalek was elected without opposition on Nov. 6, 2012 to replace retiring Judge Margaret O’Mara Frossard.* Marsalek won the Democratic primary on March 20, 2012, receiving 34.67 percent of the vote.

Prior to this appointment, Marsalek had declared her intention to seek the Cole vacancy in the 8th Subcircuit in the upcoming primary.

She was born and raised in the North-Side Lakeview neighborhood, where her mother worked at her children’s school and later for their local alderman. Marsalek’s father, Edward, was a Presiding  judge on the Circuit Court of Cook County.Housing Division.

In 2012 Diann K. Marsalek made following false statements to Illinois voters claiming that her “key issues” are

To reach as many voters in Cook County with my message of treating everyone who appears in front of me with dignity, respect, fairness, listen to what the individual is saying and give everyone a meaningful day in court.” This is NOT true.

In 2012 my relative became a victim of dishonest car dealer, who sold him a car accompanied  by a predatory  loan  packed with bogus fees and unnecessary insurances.

My relative, who  appeared  ProSe, presented Judge Marsalek his Motion to vacate a default Judgement due to invalid service of process.

Marsalek instantly denied his Motion (in my presence) claiming that it was not prepared in accordance with this Court Rules; and lacks Sworn Affidavit.

If Marsalek ever bothered to open this Motion, and review it, she would find the Sworn Affidavit which was attached at the end.

Moreover, the ProSe litigant was physically present in front of her; and can be sworn at any time. Yet, she blindly denied the Motion, without reading it; and told my relative to refile it.

Worth to mention, Marsalek’s place of work is in the Court, as well as the lawyer who represented predatory lender. The ProSe litigant, who already  took an unpaid  day off from his work to attend this Court hearing, had to take another unpaid day off to refile his Motion; and another – to attend a new hearing  – solely because Judge Marsalek failed to do her job.

When we  told Judge Marsalek that the Affidavit is attached, she finally agreed to proceed with the hearing.

During the hearing, the lawyer for predatory lender brought a special process server who purportedly delivered the Summons. The Server started to lie under oath that “somebody slightly opened the door and took the summons – but he did not see this person and he thinks it was a male“.

However, in  the summons he described my relative whom he purportedly handled the Summons in person. It was a lie, favorably accepted by Marsalek, who ignored my relative’s testimony, his material evidence, including his employer’s written statement and GPS records that at the time when the server “handled” him summons he was at work about 40 miles away.

Of course Judge Marsalek ruled in favor of the better funded, well-connected party – the predatory lender.

So, Marsalek’s  statement that she will be “ treating everyone who appears in front of me with dignity, respect, fairness, listen to what the individual is saying and give everyone a meaningful day in court” were false statements  to deceive voters and obtain her judicial seat in corrupt and beyond questionable manner.

*Judge Frossard began her career in 1976 as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Cook County. She became Chief of the Felony Trial Division at this office before moving on to the Cook County Circuit Court in 1988. She was an Associate Judge on this court until 1994, when she became a circuit court judge.

In 1997, she was assigned to the Illinois First District Appellate Court, where she served until December 3, 2012.[2]

 *State’s Attorney v. Edward H. Marsalek, Judge, et al.