Judge David Ellis

Judge David Ellis did not earn his position of public Trust but obtained it under patronage from Mr. Michael Madigan , Speaker  for IL Democratic Party.Cronies reunited.


According to David Ellis own words, his job as Mr. Madigan’s lawyer was not to try cases  but to interpret the Illinois Constitution. Ellis said: ” I became the Counsel to the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives in November, 2006. I’d done legal work for Speaker Madigan previously. He knew me and trusted me. I have always respected him because he follows the rules and he respects the opinion of his lawyer. I knew it would be a significant job. But I thought it would be a different job. I had spent thirteen years primarily in private practice. I had tried cases and argued appeals. I had been an administrative law judge who decided cases. And this job would be different than private practice. My job would not be to try cases. As the Speaker’s lawyer, my job is to analyze legislation, interpret the Illinois Constitution, and serve as the House Parliamentarian, making final decisions about parliamentary practice on the floor of the Illinois House. Notice—there is nothing in there about litigating cases.”

“In the short time I’ve been on the job, the Governor [Rod Blagojevich] sued the Speaker twice—the first two times in the history of the state. And then came the impeachment, following the governor’s arrest”.

Breach of Trust

On December 26, 2013  lawyer and political analyst  Russ Stewart wrote: “David Ellis is unopposed for the “Murphy vacancy.” He lives in River Forest, and he just happens to be the general counsel for the Speaker of the Illinois House — Madigan. What Boss Mike wants Boss Mike gets. Instead of spending a decade in the lowly Circuit Court, hearing tedious traffic, housing, juvenile or divorce cases, the  Madigan connection rocketed Ellis straight to the Appellate Court“.


In Cook County Judges are born not made

Review of David Ellis election campaign funds suggests that his position of public came with a price tag.

David Ellis “donated” or “loaned” to himself for election relatively modest amount of money – merely $75,000.00.


To compare, in the same 2014 race, Judge Sheldon A. Harris and his housewife Jane “loaned” Harris $990,057.00 to get him a $199,000.00 per year judicial job and purportedly spent nearly $1,000,000.00 on his political ads .  Judge Sheldon A. Harris

Harris don

Another Appeal Court Justice, John B. Simon, chipped $660,000.00 in his election, which were also purportedly mostly spent on political ads.


 Justice David Ellis had  no struggles with his campaign finances or at all.  After sizable contributions to Mr. Madigan ($36,125.95), David Ellis received the FULL refund of his $75,000.00 “donations” without spending a fortune on his political  advertisement.

1appeal court justices

To compare, Judge Patricia Spratt, former secretary now wife to  Judge William J. Bauer, Senior Judge for IL Federal Court of Appeals, invested over $100,000.00 in her judicial campaign promotions (which I personally never saw). Judge Patricia S. Spratt.

spending on camping

Refund 1

It  appears that David Ellis purchased his seat and laundered this money through his election funds.



So, David Ellis who blasted Rod Blagojevich for his “breach of public Trust” for TRYING to sell Obama’s seat, accrued  his own public Trust position  through Madigan’s patronage and Ellis “donations”, specially a very  questionable refund of $75,000.00 which is hard to track.

According to Ellis, “I believed that the governor was no longer fit to hold office and that he had horribly betrayed the people of this state. I couldn’t believe that a governor, under these circumstances, would not do the honorable thing and resign.”

When Davis Ellis himself obtained a position in the Higher Court for which he is NOT fit or qualified, it was not a betrayal of public Trust but business as usual.

I believe  that David Ellis’ Appeal Court seat was an Award for helping to remove an inconvenient for Madigan politician opponent.Ellis said” “When Governor Blagojevich was arrested on December 9, 2008, I thought he would resign. And I knew that if he didn’t, there would a loud cry for impeachment hearings. As the impeachment process falls under the domain of the House of Representatives, it became the Speaker’s decision whether, and when, to initiate the process. The Speaker gave the governor some time to make a responsible decision. We waited almost a week—six days—to see if the governor would resign and spare the state from a very difficult few months.As we all know, the governor didn’t resign. The impeachment process was, let’s say, an interesting exercise”

Which appears to be a Madigan’s  regular practices  when Speaker  uses unethical ways to defeat the opposition,  either with support from his cronies lawyers or fake candidates. See Gonzales v. Madigan, 16 CV 7915.



Worth to mention, in Gonzales case  Mr. Madigan is  represented by Hinshaw &Culertson LLP, the Law Firm which has at least 5 (five) known to me personal judges in Cook County Court: James E. Snyder, who obtained his seat through Madigan’s List after Snyder lost 2 public elections (brother to partner Gregory Snyder); Sharon Sullivan (sister of partner Peter Sullivan); Thomas R. Mulroy (father to parther Mulroy likely Madigan’s List recipient after he lost judicial election); Cecilia Horan (partner and generous donor to Democratic party); and John C. Griffin (nephew of Madigan’s Treasurer Joseph Griffin) who I believe is a relative to William Griffin, H&C partner.

Madigan letters offer glimpse of clout in Cook County judge selection



I personally experienced Justice David Ellis unfitness and dishonesty when he fixed my Appeal Case in favor of Wells Fargo bank (acted under glimpse of  Deutsche bank as Trustee for GSAMP 2006FM1) in  the most corrupt  manner while Justice Ellis concealed his financial interests with my opponents’ lawyers Mayer Brown LLP.

On August 16, 2011 Wells Fargo bank’s lawyer Douglas Oliver filed a foreclosure complaint  based on forged by Wells Fargo bank employee Bhavdip Chauhan documents and false statements.


robo signed




According to lawyer Oliver, on August 15, 2011 MERS, who was not a mortgagee for my loan with Fremont,  transferred its interest to Deutsche Bank, a fake Plaintiff who is not a Trustee for REMIC Trust GSAMP 2006FM1, a non-existing legal entity, which ceased to exist in Jan.  2007.

Transfer into a void REMIC Trust more than 4 ½ years after its closing day is illegal and violates SEC and IRS Rules.

All documents in my case were forged and robo-signed, which is a violation of all laws, including IL S.Ct. Rule 113. All summons and Notices were forwarded to a wrong address, unit 309 while unit in foreclosure was 909.

On December 4, 2013 lawyers for Wells Fargo bank acting under glimpse of “Deutsche Bank” (who personally deny its standing as a plaintiff in foreclosures) brought some brand-new looking documents which lacked ANY chain of assignment including a separate page with robo-stamped signature from Michael Koch.

Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. (Madigan’s crony)  obstructed justice and criminally concealed these documents from case records to  defraud me a the Higher Court, which he definitely succeed.


IL Appeal Court Justices Epstein , Ellis, Howse and Cobbs never saw those documents due to Judge Senechalle’s fraud  and criminal concealment .

So, on December 18, 2014 Appeal Court entered a decision where Justices  “observed notation” where bankrupt sine 2007 Fremont transferred its interest to DBNT as Trustee to Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006-1 in 2011, while my case was filed on behalf of Trust GSAMP 2006FM1.


Worth to mention, at least two Justices in my Appeal case never handled ANY foreclosures in their career: Ellis and Judge Cynthia Y. Cobbs. and I doubt if both even reviewed  my Appeal case.

Justice Ellis who never served as a trial Court judge and likely never handled any foreclosures or securities cases,  was assigned to Appeal Court on December 1, 2014.

Cynthia Cobbs, former Administrative Assistant to Justice Freeman, worked 4 years as a Municipal Judge before she was transferred to Appeal on January 7, 2015. The decision I was contesting as void was entered on December 18, 2014.

Moreover, Justices Epstein, Ellis and Howse insisted that my  statements about their financial interests with Wells Fargo bank lawyers from Mayer Brown LLP are”conclusory unsupported assertions”


decsion 1.jpg

Justices David Ellis and James Epstein BOTH received  money   from Mayer Brown LLP lawyer Michael Feagley.


Justice Esptein, whose family donated to Judge Jean Prendergast Rooney (Madigan’s crony); received $1,000.00 from Richard Prendergast, Judge Rooney’s uncle.

So, while my case was not supported by any evidence of standing or Court’s jurisdiction to rule in favor of Wells Fargo bank, judicial chain of Assignments was very clear.

Worth to mention, Justice Epstein at least had some integrity and  immediately resigned from his Appeal Court seat.

David Ellis apparently does not have any intention to resign although its due