Judge Daniel J. Pierce

Judge Daniel J. Pierce  obtained his judicial seat  through his beneficial connections with his classmate, IL Appeal Court Justice Thomas E. Hoffman with whom Pierce in 1965 graduated from St. Patrick School; and  14th Ward Alderman Edward Burke and his wife, IL Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke

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1965 Pierce and Hoffman

According to St. Patrick’s School, Daniel J. Pierce  “Outside of his immediate law practice, Dan also has numerous business interests, which make him extremely well-known and connected within the larger Chicago business and social community.” Dan also serves as Commissioner of the Illinois Supreme Court Committee on Character and Fitness, and Chairman of the Chicago Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Committee”.

Pierce worked as a solo practitioner in the Loop at the time of his appointment to the countywide vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Daniel J. Kelley. Prior to having a solo practice, according to the Law Bulletin, Pierce “was an assistant state’s attorney in Cook County, legal counsel to the Cook County assessor and in private practice with Pierce, Webb, Lydon & Griffin. (Dan Webb, Matthias Lydon and Farrel  Griffin) 

Pierce was appointed in 2008 to the bench and reassigned by the Illinois Supreme Court from the Kelley vacancy to the “A” vacancy in the 14th Judicial Subcircuit pursuant to  this Order

In 2010 Daniel J. Pierce was the ONLY candidate from 14th Subcircuit where Mr. Edward Burke is Alderman. Worth to mention, Subcircuits were created to put more minorities on the bench and remove politics from the selection process. Despite 14th Suncircuit’s  population are mainly African-American, Hispanics, Asian and Polish, apparently here were no candidates who would compete with  Pierce for his seat.

14 subcitcuitAlthough Daniel Pierce has some records of his election records, however,  information who were his committee members or contributors is not available.

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On February 1, 2013 Daniel J. Pierce was quietly TRANSFERRED to IL Appeal Court due to a  “public necessity”. Worth to mention, Appeal court seats are highly competitive positions and have numerous candidates fiercely fighting for them. Here

2013 appointment order

Appeal Court positions are highly competitive and here is absolutely no shortage in qualified candidates with decades of trial Court experience.  But for some reason IL Supreme Court decided that our public need services from a judge who served in the lower Court  less than 5 years, thanks to beneficial connections with Justice Hoffman and his friends Ald.  Ed Burke and his wife, IL Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke.

hoffman 2

As soon as Judge Pierce obtained his Appeal Court seat, he immediately started to attack with threats lawyers who expose judicial misconduct and corruption.


Fix cases in favor of predatory collectors who operated in Illinois without license; and smash ProSe litigants whom Justice  Pierce demanded precisely follow all laws and rules which Justice Daniel J. Pierce himself has absolutely no intention to follow.

I have personal and very negative experience with Judge Daniel J. Pierce. I first appeared before Law Division Judge Daniel Pierce on August 24, 2012 on the status hearing which I filed against a predatory HOA and their lawyers.

The very first statement I heard from Judge Pierce was a threat with sanctions. “Be very careful when you sue lawyers” said Judge  Pierce, “or I will lose patience and place sanctions on YOU!” It was absolutely clear from the first minute whose side Judge Pierce is going to take – he will cover for a better funded party of his interests.


Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit,P.C. lawyers  whom I sued are known as “racketeers” even among the fellow attorneys; relentlessly sued in all Courts for racket and FDCPA violations;  and operate a predatory collection mill in numerous HOAs whom they help to defraud homeowners, push them into foreclosures; confiscate their properties, conceal the rent and defraud banks of 6 months non-existing back dues.


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