Cook County Court, Illinois

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals held that the Circuit Court of Cook County is a criminal enterprise. U.S. v. Murphy, 768 F.2d 1518, 1531 (7th Cir. 1985). The United States Supreme Court recently acknowledged the judicial corruption in Cook County, when it stated that Judge "Maloney was one of many dishonest judges exposed and convicted through 'Operation Greylord', a labyrinthine federal investigation of judicial corruption in Chicago". Bracey v. Gramley, case No. 96-6133 (June 9, 1997). The criminal activities that the Federal Courts found in the Circuit Court of Cook County still exist, more than ever, and are today under the care, custody and control of Anarchy Promoter Judge Greylord II (Chief Judge Timothy Evans. The Circuit Court of Cook County remains a criminal enterprise, just in the much bigger scale.

Discipline on Judges


Illinois Cook County Court is bank  and insurance companies owned Who bankrolls the Illinois Supreme Court?, Dick Durbin: Banks “Frankly Own The Place”, families  operated (Michael Madigan, Edward Burke and IL Supreme Court)   highly profitable enterprise on taxpayers payroll.

Cook County Court is publicly known as  “Lawyers’ Club” where most judges (at least 95%) are family members or friends of Madigan, Burke, Justices Theis, Burke, Freeman or certain well-connected lawyers like Hinshaw &Culbertson LLP , Corboy&DeMetrio.