Judge Patricia S. Spratt

Corruption;  47 years of patronage from Judge William J. Bauer; paid over $25,000.00 to convicted in bribes Alderman Isaak Carothers for his aunt’s Anita Rivkin-Carothers judicial seat which became suddenly vacant after Patricia Spratt lost her 2014 election even though Judge Rivkin-Carothers was retained on November 4, 2014 and her term expired on December 6, 2020.

Patricia Spratt did not earn her position as a judge but obtained it through her husband, Senior Judge for IL Federal Court of Appeals William J. Bauer’s connections with IL Supreme Court, particularly Justice Jane Mary Theis whose son John (Jack) K. Theis clerked for Judge William J. Bauer.


Looking at Judge Spratt’s record it is comes as little surprise that she is not a judge but a Mafioso in a judge’s robes; and her chain of “assignments” is really impressive.

Spratt’s election expenses report suggests that she paid for  her judicial seat and laundered money through her election cash.

After Spratt lost her 2014 election with merely 22.4% of votes, in September 2015  IL Supreme Court assigned Sprat to judge Anita Rivkin-Carothers’ unexpected vacancy.

According to public records Judge Anita Rivkin-Carothers was retained on November 4, 2014 and her term should expire on December 6, 2020



One of main supporters to Patricia  Spratt’s election campaign was Isaak Carothers, an Alderman who acted on behalf of  Senior Wizdom Consulting, a corporation which does not have registration in Illinois.  Alderman admits taking bribes

Senior wizdom

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wizdom 5

isaak carothers


Worth to mention, Anita Rivkin-Carothers is Isaak Carothers’ aunt and publicly known as a “Gang Lawyer”. Judge Anita Rivkin Carothers Gangs Lawyer.

The US Attorney’s office in Chicago indicted Issak Carothers on federal corruption charges on May 28, 2009. FBI press release

One of charges including  Carothers  demand to  developer Boender to donate to the campaign of Carothers’ aunt, Anita Rivkin-Carothers, who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2004, and Boender enlisted two others to give contributions on his behalf.[20] Boender and his associates donated about $55,000 to Carothers, according to campaign-contribution records. Isaak Carothers corruption charges

Particia Sprat,  who paid Isaak Carothers a very substantial amount  for his  campaign work, obtained her position as a judge through  Judge William J. Bauer, who has publically known ties to the mafia corruption (published in 1994, “Missing the Lifeboat?? book),

mafia judge

Education:                                                                                                                                                  Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois: 1967-1969 (no degree conferred) ;     Loyola University Chicago, University College: 1982-1985 (no degree conferred); National University School of Law, San Diego, California: 1986-1987 (no degree conferred) ; Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Chicago, Illinois: 1987-1991. J.D. (admitted to law school without an undergraduate degree under an early admission program).

Patricia Spratt, who dropped (or failed) from  two colleges,  was able to  obtain her law degree from Loyola Law School where her former boss, now husband  Judge William J. Bauer since 1976  was a Trustee (or held a similar position).

Work: According to Spratt’s online Bio,” the jobs I held include secretary to the U.S. Attorney (1970-71); secretary to a federal district court judge (1971-1974); and secretary to a federal appellate court judge (1974-1991). Following law school, I served a one-year clerkship with a federal appellate court judge. My years working for one of the finest federal judges in Chicago also provided an invaluable experience–from which I learned what it means to be a good judge“.

All these positions held by Spratt  were for Judge William J. Bauer for whom Spratt 21  years worked as his  secretary and one year as a clerk.


Spratt’s resume

In 1992 Spratt  joined Nisen & Elliott as an associate.In 1995 Spratt joined Shefsky & Froelich Ltd. (now known as Taft Stettinius & Hollister)

In 2011 Spratt’s  employer Shefsky & Froelich Ltd started to prepare for a merger with Taft Stettinius & Hollister, LLP a Cincinnati based law Firm.

On June 13, 2011  Spratt, then 62 y/o married Judge William J. Bauer, who was 85 y/o.

On October 3, 2013 Spratt launched her election campaign to be a judge, just a month before Shefsky & Froelich Ltd and Taft Stettinius & Hollister, LLP publicly announced their merger on Nov. 19, 2013.

Spratt’s Campaign Chair was Dan Webb, former US Attorney General and a long-time crony with Judge Bauer who helped Webb to build his career in the public office.As his first assistant, Bauer  hired James R. Thompson, who would succeed him as U.S. Attorney and eventually serve four terms as Governor of Illinois. Other Bauer recruits included Dan Webb and Anton Valukas, both future U.S. Attorneys, and Tyrone Fahner, a future Attorney General of Illinois, now Mayer Brown LLP partner.

Judge Patricia SprattIn support to her desire to serve Illinois public as a Judge,  Spratt claimed that she “started to hear voices in my ears“telling her to reinvent herself. Of course it was not related to her employer’s  merger which would likely leave Spratt out of work.







Spratt also  quoted  “ a dear friend, who said  “we all owe rent.” The better our life, the more rent we owe. We pay our rent in service to others.” This citation belongs to William J. Bauer who in 1982 said it in Elmhurst College.

Prospect Magazine

2In In 2014 Patricial Spratt  lost her judicial election with merely 22.4 % of votes despite massive support from several Judge Bauer’s cronies, former US Attorney Generals Thompson, Webb, Valucas, Fahner, Skinner who were perfectly aware of Spratt’s 47 years of relationship with Judge Bauer and her unfitness to be a judge.

Spratt’s main donors were banks, corporations and well-connected lawyers.

Judge-Spratt-aid-Big-Bank- fraud

On  September 8, 2015, the Illinois Supreme Court appointed Spratt  to the Circuit Court of Cook County, 7th Judicial Subcircuit. It created reasonable doubts if Spratt can actually be a Cook County Judge due to her residency controversies. According to public records, when Patricia Spratt married Judge William J. Bauer in 2011, she shared his Elmhurst residence, which I believe is located in DuPage County, not Cook. Spratt has a condo in Chicago but here is no evidence that after Spratt married Judge Bauer she used her Chicago property as her primary residence.  The law says if you’re going to run for judge in a subcircuit (in 2015 Spratt was assigned to fill 7th Subcircuit, Rivkin-Carothers Vacancy), you must live there. And, it added one more requirement: until the judge wins re-election six years later, the judge has to stay there. Falsifying information can get a judge kicked off the bench. I have all reasons to believe that Patricia Spratt’s permanent residence is with her husband in Elmhurst, and she violated residency requirement to be a Cook County Judge.

In 2016 Spratt somehow managed to get elected and currently is presiding in Cook County Court, 50 W. Washington, Room 2810 Chicago IL.

During her election campaign Spratt, who  “donated” and “loaned”  to herself over $150,000 for her election, which is synonymous to buying her seat,  spent very substantial amounts of money on small media groups while their public campaign were not noticeable to voters.

One of Patricia Spratt’s campaign expenditures was $38,542.21 payment to herself  on December 06, 2016.

Patricia Spratt, spent $70,000.00 on small media company Adelstein Liston ; $$44,918.36 on The Dover media Group; gave $27,353.55 to supporter Jermaine Clark; paid $25,100.00 to Senior Wizdom Consulting (I was not able to find neither Jermaine Clark nor SWC in Illinois) paid  Blueprint Campaign Consulting $23,677.37; and $10,000.00 to  Fako Research. Each of these companies provide identical services – such as advertisement, websites, ect.

media expenses

I live about few blocks from Patricia Spratt and I never received ANY advertisement or solicitations about her judicial campaign.

Her website http://www.sprattforjudge.com does not exist.


Senior Wizdom Consulting who received $25,100.00 from Spratt on March 17, 2016  does not have a registration with the State of Illinois.


The only public promotions I found was  Spratt’s  30 sec. commercial  on youtube.com; and an interview with Jewish TV program, which obviously was free for Spratt.

As the judge Patricia Spratt is not only unfit to this position of public Trust  (I personally observed how Spratt had difficulties to navigate in a case she heard before mine) but also has a fatal conflict of interests to be a Chancery Judge whatsoever.

Average people like myself did not supported Spratt’s judicial election.

Most Spratt’s donors are either bankers or lawyers many of whom represent Big Banks in foreclosures cases, like Mayer Brown LLP and Winston &Strawn LLP.

Other connections included substantial amounts donated by Richard Prendergast, uncle to the first judge in my case, Jean Prendergast Rooney;


Money donated by Mary Dempsey, mother-in-law to Justice James R. Epstein, who fixed my Appeal Case in the most corrupt manner, with key evidence . (Dempsey also donated to Judge  Jean Prendergast Rooney);

Money donated by Mayer Brown LLP Hugh McCombs who also donated to Judge Jean Prendergast Rooney;

And close connections between Judge Robert E. Senechalle’ Jr., (who obstructed justice and  criminally concealed key evidence)  son, Pete Senechalle, with Judge William J. Bauer’s clerk Justin Donoho with whom Pete Senechalle often participated in various workshops.

Judge Bauer, who must be aware of his wife’s unfitness to be a judge; about her questionable payments to Isaak Carothers for his aunt’s seat;  and her conflict of interests to preside over Chancery cases, failed to prevent harm to Illinois public caused by Spratt’s appointment to the bench by Judge Bauer’s long-time cronies, including Justice Theis.  In my case Judge Spratt, who learned her professional and personal rules of ethics under 47 years of patronage from William J. Bauer, not only failed to disclose her conflict of interests, but acted as a Mafioso in judicial robes, in violation of all laws and deprived me from my civil rights in the most corrupt manner.

Summary of my personal experience in Judge Spratt’s Court:


On August 16, 2011 lawyer Douglas Oliver filed a foreclosure complaint  based on forged by Wells Fargo bank employee Bhavdip Chauhan documents and false statements. According to lawyer Oliver, on August 15, 2011 MERS, who was not a mortgagee for my loan with Fremont,  transferred its interest to Deutsche Bank, a fake Plaintiff who is not a Trustee for REMIC Trust GSAMP 2006FM1, a non-existing legal entity, which ceased to exist in Jan.  2007.

Transfer into a void REMIC Trust more than 4 ½ years after its closing day is illegal and violates SEC and IRS Rules. All documents in my case were forged and robo-signed, which is a violation of all laws, including IL S.Ct. Rule 113. All summons and Notices were forwarded to a wrong address, unit 309 while unit in foreclosure was 909. On December 4, 2013 lawyers for Wells Fargo bank acting under glimpse of “Deutsche Bank” (who personally deny its standing as a plaintiff in foreclosures) brought some brand-new looking documents which lacked ANY chain of assignment including a separate page with robo-stamped signature from Michael Koch.

Judge Robert E. Senchalle, Jr. obstructed justice and criminally concealed these documents from case records to  defraud me a the Higher Court, which he definitely succeed.

IL Appeal Court Justices Epstein, Ellis, Howse and Cobbs never saw those documents. So, on December 18, 2014 Appeal Court entered a decision where Justices  “observed notation” where bankrupt sine 2007 Fremont transferred its interest to DBNT as Trustee to Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006-1 in 2011, while my case was filed on behalf of Trust GSAMP 2006FM1. Worth to mention, at least two Justices in my Appeal case never handled ANY foreclosures in their career and I doubt if both even saw my Appeal case since Justice Ellis who never served as a trial Court judge and was assigned to Appeal Court on December 1, 2014; and Cynthia Cobbs, former Administrative Assistant to Justice Freeman, worked 4 years as a Municipal Judge before she was transferred to Appeal on January 7, 2015. The decision I was contesting as void was entered on December 18, 2014. Worth to mention, Epstein immediately resigned from his Appeal Court seat.

At August 23, 2017 I absolutely lawfully challenged void judgements entered in my case; demanded reversal and return of my illegally sold property. The hearing on my 1401 (f) Petition (which must be handled as a separate proceeding while it was not, as another violation of my Due Process rights and the law), Judge Patricia Spratt continued the Cook County Court’s organized campaign of terror against a Pro Se litigant while protecting banks fraud in Illinois Court and personal interests of certain judges and politicians. At the hearing, Spratt used her position to not only to deny my Petition with prejudice but to also threaten me with armed police force by holding me in custody, against my will,  without any cause and without any explanations in her court room after the hearing.  Spratt, who earned her position through her personal connections, must resign from this case. My case must get a fair hearing with a judge who will not use intimidation tactics against innocent civilians in their court.

Before the hearing started, Judge Spratt’s court room was entered by a Sheriff (Flores, as I later learned from deputy Brewer), who was apparently called by Judge Spratt (she is in control of her venue) who went to the Judges chamber’s hallway and called Judge Spratt’s deputy Primm and the next room deputy Brewer to give them instructions.

When the hearing started, Judge Patricia Spratt denied my Petition with prejudice, without giving me any  chance to argue it.  She ignored US Supreme Court authority and disregarded over 100 years of binding precedents which rule that void judgments, like mine, can be attacked at any Court and at any time.  Furthermore, she declared that the Decision entered by Justices Epstein, Howse, Ellis and Cobbs in Case 2014 IL App (1st) 134037 now is the LAW, which effectively legalizes fraud in Illinois and violations of all Rules and applicable laws. To remind all of you, my case was based on flagrant fraud upon the Court and Plaintiff Deutsche Bank’s lack of standing, forgery, perjury and obstruction of justice.  The 2014 decision cited by Judge Spratt as “the LAW” in my case was entered by Appeal Court Justices who never saw key evidence due to corrupt Judge Senechalle’s obstruction of justice when he excluded documents based on which he entered his decision from my case file. Only based on this fact my case must be reviewed de novo by an independent judge. Besides heinously declaring fraud into law, Judge Spratt used her position to cause me emotional and physical harm by attempting to falsely imprison me.

At the end of the hearing, Spratt brought up my objection to Senechalle’s decision by saying she was “not going to address it” that day and then left the courtroom.  As soon as Judge Spratt left, I was approached by deputies Flores, Primm, and Brewer who refused to let me leave the room and who had been stationed in the room since my arrival. All three officers were armed.

Sergeant Flores demanded my driver’s license, without even introducing himself. As I said above, I asked Deputies about his name, and it was given to me by deputy Brewer who said it was Sergeant Flores.  I politely asked why he needed my documents. Sergeant Flores replied that he would tell me later. I asked the officers several times why I was being held in the Court room and why they needed my Driver’s license, but all of them refused to give me an answer. When I asked if I could leave, I was told that I was “in custody” (in fact, my “custody” under the law is considered as kidnapping with armed force, solely with intent  to scare, intimidate and  coerce me to give up on my civil rights). After about 20 minutes Sergeant Flores returned to the court room, gave me back my driver’s license and left again. I asked deputies Primm and Brewer, who continued to block the door from both sides, about what was going on and why I was in custody, they said that Sergeant Flores was “searching for some warrants or any other cause to arrest me,” and they will explain everything later.

About 10 minutes later, Sergeant Flores shouted from Judge Spratt’s hallway door that I was “good to go” without reappearing again. I asked again for an explanation for why I was detained for 30 minutes, which Primm and Brewer just ignored. They walked away from me and left me there without any explanations, and  without any apologies.

It is important to note that I was alone in the room with these three armed deputies who were blocking the front door to prevent me from leaving; and ready to arrest me in case I overreacted or attempted to fight back against their false imprisonment of me in Spratt’s courtroom.

The officers illegally seized my license from me in violation of 4th Amendment and under duress without any warrant or cause. They detained me while looking for a “probable cause to arrest me.” My record is totally clean; there were absolutely no grounds for holding me in custody since I did not show any signs of inappropriate or suspicious behavior. All my Motions to reverse void judgement are based on the law and numerous precedents; and I ALWAYS present them in the professional and respectful manner to judges.

It was obvious that Judge Spratt orchestrated this false detainment (which I consider as an aggravated kidnapping to force me give up on my civil rights) me in her courtroom, Room 2810, for 30 minutes in an attempt to threaten and intimidate me and provoke a situation to cause mental anguish that might have instigated my arrest; as well as intent to cause me body harm by placing under extreme emotional distress which Spratt definitely succeeded.

Spratt’s malicious and intentional conduct (since she was the only one who can call the Sheriff’s and instruct them to detain me) was heinous and beyond the standards of civilized decency or utterly intolerable in a civilized society. As the result, upon returning home I suffered from severe emotional breakdown, which I still cannot recover from.

This was clearly an attempt by Judge Spratt to exercise judicial terror against me to deter me from exposing the Court’s corruption and judicial ties to my plaintiffs.

This was unquestionably a case of false detention, false imprisonment and kidnapping where several armed individuals held another person a hostage, by fear, against her will to achieve certain unlawful goals, such as help Judges to cover for banks fraud upon the Court and criminally and civilly deprive citizens of civil rights.

Looking at Judge Spratt’s record it is comes as little surprise that she is not a judge but a Mafioso in a judge’s robes:  Spratt obtained her position as a judge through her husband, Judge William J. Bauer, who has publically known ties to the mafia corruption (published in 1994, “Missing the Lifeboat?? book), along with his long-time friends Dan Webb[1], James Thompson and Anton Valukas; and his connections with corrupt judges like Justice Theis, who was closely related to the first judge in my case, Jean Prendergast Rooney who was Theis’ clerk and who donated Theis substantial amount of money.

Between 2013- 2016 Spratt  “donated” and “loaned”  to herself over $150,000 for her election, which is synonymous to buying her seat.  Some of her donors include: Richard Prendergast, uncle of Judge Rooney who entered original void  decision in my case, and who was closely connected to Justice Epstein’s family, who ruled in 2014 decision. Spratt also received money from a number of lawyers from Mayer Brown LLP including partner Hugh McCombs and Tyrone Fahner, who represent Wells Fargo bank (acting under glimpse of Deutsche Bank), plaintiffs in my case, and substantial amounts of money from Big Banks. Spratt has no business presiding over this case given her blatant conflict of interest with my case’s Plaintiff and her corrupt history in the court. While Judges in other States confront Wells Fargo bank fraud in their Court rooms and protect US citizens, certain  Illinois judges, especially those who obtained their positions in corrupt manner, are willing to commit fraud themselves to cover for Wells Fargo bank money laundering mill of illegal US securities in IL Courts. Illinois Judges, specially those who received substantial amounts of money from Firms like Mayer Brown LLP and Winston Strawn LLP, both of whom represent banks in bogus foreclosures,  always stand  for Wells Fargo bank fraud upon the Court, in gross disregard of the law and evidence.  This is not the first time that a corrupt judge tries to harass and intimidate me in this case to cover up a bank’s fraud.

On May 23, 2013, well-connected judge Jean Prendergast Rooney, from bankers, lawyers, realtors family,  threatened me from the bench and hired criminal detective Bryan Carr to follow and intimidate me with the goal to deprive me of civil rights and deter me from the case.

Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. is also a fan of using judicial terror against civilians – he conspired with public officer Michael I. O’Malley, who impersonated a “criminal prosecutor” in Senechalle’s courtroom in order to supposedly hold me in contempt for objecting his obstruction of justice and a void decision. Then Senechalle personally (which is another violation of the law) entered a frivolous Rule to Show Cause and hired three Sheriffs to deliver it to me in the most violent and harassing manner.  Sheriffs came to my home at 7AM, banged on my door yelling my name, and interrogated my neighbors about my whereabouts. I was told about this event by a neighbor who was questioned by the Sheriffs, and was left utterly horrified by their conduct.

Spratt’s actions were part of a continued, coordinated effort by the Cook County Court corrupt mafia to deny a litigant’s right to justice through psychological and physical terror in the courtroom when they try to seek justice against banks’ fraud and a judge’s cronies I plan to bring a legal action against Judge Patricia Spratt, who not only committed election fraud but organized an attempt to falsely detain me. I was unlawfully held against my will in her Courtroom by three (3) armed deputies without any probable cause, solely to scare and intimidate me to force give up on my rights. I respectfully request you to report Judges Bauer, who helped his protégé to obtain judicial seat while Patricia Spratt is apparently unfit to this position, to appropriate authorities; and demand investigation into this matter and removal of corrupt Judge Patricia Spratt from the office immediately. Illinois have many ethical and well-qualified lawyers who cannot be judges since IL Supreme Court repeatedly pass judicial seats to their well-connected cronies.

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